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5 Awesome Tips to Protect Your Phone Screen From Scratches

Seeing scratches on your phone is really a bad thing. If the scratch is too extensive, it will not only hamper you from normally viewing the screen but it can be quite annoying as well.

iPad 2 – New and Updated Review

Is the iPad 2 worth an upgrade for people who own the first version? Does the new version have the require capabilities to get new clients to the brand? Those enquirers and more will be resolved in this article.

A Deep Look at The Adam Tablet And It’s Controversy

Despite the many controversies and negativity regarding the Adam Tablet, this tablet computer is worth some attention. Even though many have not heard of the Adam Tablet, this device has successfully won the hearts of many ‘Adam-ites’. The popularity is made clear from the blog comments of Adam Tablet fans that depict how religiously they follow and preach how mind-blowing it really is. The Adam Tablet is manufactured by a Bangalore-based company called Notion Ink. The reason leading to the lack of knowledge regarding this tablet is the fact that the company is still in its start-up stages and also, the company has not yet adopted any marketing or promotional strategies. In most cases the development or any other communication regarding the Adam Tablet is done directly by the company CEO, Rohan Sharvan.

Find Out What Features Make The iPad 2 The Best Tablet

Claimed as the “best tablet for average consumers” by Walt Mossberg from All Things D, iPad 2 is one tablet to beat this year. One would wonder how the iPad 2 can retain its customer base with the iPad still doing well in the market, but the fact is that Apple fanatics have time and again proved their loyalty towards the brand. Now compared to the iPad, the best tablet of 2010, iPad 2 is in few words thinner, lighter and faster. It still has the 9.7 inches 1024×768 display but this tablet is only 0.34 inches thick and weighs 1.33 lbs. Moreover, this widely declared best tablet is available in white and black with smart cover options coming in various colors.

How To Remove Water From An iPod Touch

If your iPod touch has water damage it can be devastating. Not only because the device is expensive but also the loss of your music files and even possibly photographs etc. But, if your act quickly, you may just be able to save your iPod touch. Find out the steps you need to take to save your device.

Wireless Internet Cards – Connecting to the World

Wireless Internet cards are a fairly young technology whose applications are still undergoing a steady evolution. It is a vital tool for communication and data transfer. One must be equipped with the latest tools to keep up with the pace of info-technology. The very first step in working with any technology is learning. This page is definitely a good place to start learning.

A Personal Locating Device Saves Lives

You may not be the first but join the hundreds of people who have saved their life or the life of a loved one by owning a personal locating device. In 2003, a man living in Ohio was rescued due to the assistance of a personal locator beacon or PLB. Imagine being stranded in the mountains, alone and in need of emergency services.

Weatherbug – Android App Review

If you have had your Android phone for more than say…five minutes, chances are you have already been looking for an app that displays the current weather. All Android phones come pre-installed with some form of weather app, but almost all of those are very basic and limited in features.

Hidden Camera in Your Car – It’s More Than Surveillance

There are hidden cameras for cars that can see and hear everything that’s happening inside. See why many people choose car cameras…

How Smart Business Owners Can Get 20000 GBP of IT Support Services For As Little As 1000 Per Month

I’ve run or owned various different businesses over the past 10 years and one thing I know from my own painful experience is that IT Support can be the bane of every business owner’s life. With hindsight the amount of time and money I have wasted on the latest “must have” business computer technology is extraordinary. On second thoughts, not extraordinary, but depressing.