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How to Minimize Family Technical Support Calls

Being the family technical support guru can be a big commitment. Here is one sure fire method to minimize the amount of time you spend supporting computers you built or repaired for your family or friends!

Old Is Gold, When It Comes To Widgets

Instead of buying a new machine, it is better that you repair an old one. The old machines are stronger and long-lasting as compared to the newer ones.

The Best Gaming Computers – Tips To Building Or Buying

Compared with an ordinary office computer that is simply used for everyday computing tasks and browsing the internet, gaming computers are a different breed altogether, hiding bleeding edge technology in sometimes unassuming cases. The best gaming computers require more than just standard hardware. If you plan on getting one, make sure that you are armed with the right information and know exactly where to cut corners if you are trying to save on your purchase.

How We Rely on GPS Navigators and GPS Navigation System

Technology has come a long way with not only computers but also in car navigation systems. Global Positioning System or what is commonly called GPS is a new form of technology that has replaced the old ways of finding directions. Although originally developed for military companies to track enemies, GPS has certainly gone a long way.

Marketing The Cloud – How MSPs Can Market Cloud Services

The Cloud is all the rage in small business today. How does the average managed service provider get the word out about the cloud and how can it help small business today.

How GPS Nation Systems Work

GPS, known as Global Positioning System, are also referred to sometimes as navigators or navigation systems. These navigation systems relay signals to the earth through 24 active satellites. These signals will then be passively received by a GPS receiver or GPS navigators.

Have Entertainment Anywhere You Go With The Slingbox

There are some pretty cool devices that are very practical that may not get the publicity or be that well-known. One of these is the Slingbox that is produced by Sling Media, an innovator in consumer electronics. By using one of their products and any high-speed broadband connection, you can turn your computer monitor, laptop and even cell phone into a high quality and high-definition television.

Many Ways of Sending Large Files

In past information could be send via letter which is now replaced by email. This email system is also providing some opportunity to send data to any person staying far away. In past data was sent by percale which was very time consuming.

Do It Yourself iPhone Repairs – Easier Than You Think!

iPhones are great – they look great, work well, and are easy to use. Many people rely on their iPhone and have it with them wherever they go – this can lead to accidents. An accident that results in a cracked screen is not the end of your iPhone. Read on to find out about do it yourself repairs to your iPhone.

Buy Kindle 3 – The Best E-Book Reader in the World

The long-awaited Kindle 3 is finally available on Amazon. This would be the good news for those who love to read before going to bed, or while commuting to workplace or school. The latest generation of kindle 3 has a more advanced features, greater storage space and better exterior design than the previous generation. Let’s take a look at the special features and specifications.