90 Day Fiancé Star Jason Hitch Dead at 45

‘90 Day Fiancé’ season 2 star Jason Hitch has died from complications from COVID-19. He was 45 years old. ‘90 Day Fiancé’ followed Jason’s journey with Cassia Taveras, who moved from Brazil to Florida to be with the United States Army veteran. The two got married in 2014 but they split in 2017 and were officially divorced in 2018.

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Responsible Ways Of Disposing An Old Computer

Computers are increasingly becoming a necessity in every home due to the various merits that they bring with them. However, just like any other e-waste, disposal of old PCs may pose a challenge to both the environment and atmosphere, as simply ‘throwing’ them in a bin may not necessarily solve the issues. Therefore, what are some responsibly ways, which you can use to get rid of that old computer that you will not be making use of any time soon?

Safeguard Your Business’s Data Effectively

Businesses are widely incorporating data back-ups practices to make sure that data is easily retrievable in case a disaster occurs. According to a research conducted in 2012 by an accounting firm, small businesses tend to back up key data, for instance, financial information on-site. In addition, it went ahead to point out that only a mere 38% of businesses have incorporated a disaster preparedness plan.

How To Get Rid Of Your Old Computer’s Data

One of the greatest challenges when getting rid of an old computer is the privacy of data. Be it recycling, selling off, or donating, it is vital to make sure that you are able to get rid of all the data that was presently in the PC to prevent it from landing in the wrong hands. What you should note is that; merely deleting the files and later emptying the recycle bin is not effective enough to make sure that your data is completely wiped off.

My Second Favorite Gmail Plugin

My favorite Gmail plugin is Boomerang for Gmail. Boomerang Calendar is my second favorite and I use it nearly every day. It makes scheduling easier, right inside Gmail.

What’s VPS Hosting?

VPS is an abbreviation standing for Virtual Private Server. The VPS server copies a dedicated server inside a shared hosting environment. It’s technically both dedicated hosting and shared hosting.

The Best Laptop Repair Services

Laptops have greatly increased convenience particularly when it comes to work. Compared to the not-so-portable desktops, you can easily carry it wherever you travel. It is also now possible to access and share information on the go. All these factors have greatly increased our dependability on this piece of technology and that is why when it breaks down we are a stuck in a real soup.

Alternatives To Cable TV: Apple TV

Overview – Starting with the Apple II, continuing on to the iPod, and progressing to the iPhone Apple has been the leader in creating revolutionary technology for decades. Now they are continuing this trend with the Apple TV streaming media player. This device brings the same features we have come to expect from Apple for decades. The Apple TV provides access to most of the top media apps available like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. Combine that with the way Apple TV seamlessly integrates with iTunes allowing you play all of your downloaded music and video through your television, as well as integrate it with all of the other Apple devices in your Apple ecosystem. These features make one of the alternatives to cable TV: Apple TV worth considering for anyone that has decided to get rid of cable.

Is Tinder Playing With Fire?

Tinder is a mobile phone dating application that has taken the world by storm. But does it place young people, particularly young women in danger?

Using A DVD Ripper To Backup Your DVD Collections To A Hard Drive

DVDs have enjoyed popularity for years and it is normal to have users with large collections of the same. The truth however is that DVDs risk getting damaged and scratched and hence, they might not be that helpful or usable in a few years to come. This makes it very important to backup DVDs to a hard drive. The backing can also be done on an iPad or other devices which make it easier to play the DVDs without risk of damages and loss. There are different backup solutions that can be used for and you will need to find the best DVD ripper for that.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Application Hosting

Many clients of mine asked me that what exactly hosting an application means. It has an easy concept, hosting an application or we can say application hosting is a web based solution that enables clients to run software applications via cloud on a recurring basis and is generally provided by an ASP i.e, Application Service Provider.