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On the streets of Kabul, and at huge risk to themselves, women have been protesting in Afghanistan’s capital. They’re demanding that women be treated with equal rights, dignity and with respect.

When the Taliban were last in control of Afghanistan – women were beaten and they were forced into marriages with men they did not know often at a very young age. Women were also stoned to death.

After after 20 years of relative peace and democracy in Afghanistan – when women’s rights were respected and encouraged – the re-emergence of the Taliban has thrown all of those rights into question. But that does not mean many women are willing to accept their fate. Of submission.

The Taliban claim that they are committed to women’s rights and say they are not against women being educated or having jobs.
But since they seized control of Afghanistan on 15 August, they have asked all women, except those in the public health sector, to stay away from work, until ‘the security situation improves’.
Security was one of the reasons the group gave when they were in power in the 1990s to prevent women from working.

In this latest video for BBC My World you will hear the words from women in Afghanistan who will not be silenced. They are speaking out against the hardline rulers at extreme risk to themselves. It’s why we’ve had to blur some of their faces for their own security.

The Taliban are eager to show the world they have changed which is why many believe the protests by women were not immediately shut down. But away from the cameras of journalists – many are saying that the taliban are behaving like they did 20 years ago. In early September a protest by women was shut down with whips. And electronic taser guns. Which makes the bravery of these women protesting now on the streets of Kabul – all the more remarkable.

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Correspondent: Yalda Hakim
Director: Robert Timothy
Commissioning editor: Anna Doble
Executive producer: Angelina Jolie

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