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Should You Upgrade Your iPad?

The new iPad 2 is one of the best tablets currently on the market, it is truly a visionary product beyond it’s time. With iOS 5 being released only a few weeks ago the device is now even better then before, hosting a wide array of new bells and whistles to get the most out of your new iPad.

Finding Technology Professional Services That Deliver

Technology professional services are in great demand today. A company that is into the business of information technology can perform better if it has the support of professionals that promptly provides what it needs and works hand in hand with its objectives.

What Is High Frequency Welding and What Is It Used For?

High frequency welding is one of the more mature forms of heat sealing. Used in a number of different industries, it is a form of plastic welding that utilizes high energy fields to bond plastic molecules. In use since the 1940’s, hf welding capitalize on the molecular structure of certain thermoplastics and their receptiveness to radio frequencies to produce precise welds on sheets of material. Because of the nature of the weld, it makes a strong leak proof seal without taking too much from the strength of the original materials. For this reason and many more, high frequency welding is a useful and powerful part of manufacturing.

3D CAD Designer Secrets

Becoming an efficient 3D CAD designer takes time, and understanding of how to manipulate commands with CAD. With trade secrets I can help you design 3D models.

Requiem for the Blackberry

Last week’s Blackberry outage has caused lots of withdrawal pains. The blogs and message boards are filled with comments defending and vilifying Research in Motion (RIM) Blackberry’s creator. Network interruptions are inevitable as we have seen with Sony, Google, Microsoft and Netflix. Someday we may have uninterruptible networks, but the departure or threatened departure from Blackberry seems to be more about the availability of multimedia, cooler mobile devices than a network disruption.

Manage Files And Documents On Your Android Phone

Your phone can be a work station on the go thanks to a variety of professional grade mobile apps from the android market. Documents can be created, viewed and edited right from your phone. Managing your documents has never been easier and engaging than using the apps which are easy to get and handle.

Choosing a Business Projector Rental for Adverse Light Conditions

As anyone who has dealt with office presentations knows, finding a good business projector rental is essential, especially when the audience is large and cost mitigation is a factor. Such large-capacity rooms also present more adverse light conditions that can mar the visibility of your presentation. Other considerations when choosing a projector are weight, remote functions, and good speakers. Apart from these, the projector should be easy to use and should offer great printed documentation.

Seven Easy Steps to Expand Your Local Business Online

As of today there are 6.9 billion people living on this planet with more than 25% of those individuals being daily users of the internet. In America alone, 75% of all households have internet access with over 84% of the adult population using the internet regularly. Market research has shown that about 67% of all searches are related to a specific purchase which clearly demonstrates a need for local business owners to take advantage of the swarms of money in hand customers looking for their products and services. Below you will find the top seven steps you can take today to explore and if properly implemented explode your business’s online potential.

Livescribe Sticky Notes ANA000043 Perfect for Professionals

Livescribe Voice Recorder Sticky Notes ANA000043 are perfect for business professionals who are looking for an effective way to keep track of everything. The trick is to find an effective way to manage notes and content, keep it organized and never miss a thought. Livescribe smartpens can record ideas, action items, guidelines, and to-do-lists on these small adhesive-backed notes and attach them to a Notebook page, a textbook, a report or agenda to record issues, explanations or any idea you want to remember in the future. The note contents can be transferred to the computer or given to a colleague or emailed to a team member. The sticky notes on a page of the Livescribe Notebook act as an interactive organizer to keep all notes about the content visible on one page rather than multiple pages.

How to Increase Your Laptop’s Battery Life for Longer Use

Although many people ignore it, the battery life is one of the most important parts of your laptop, unless you use your notebook for non-portable purposes. The average life of a notebook battery is between two and three hours. Unfortunately, most batteries don’t even stand for their minimum reference. Read this article to learn how to increase your battery life.