And Just Like That: Samantha Jones Sort of RETURNS

Samantha Jones is back! Well, sort of. In Thursday’s episode of ‘And Just Like That,’ Kim Cattrall’s character comes back to the show in a special but funny way. Carrie gets hip surgery and while under pain medication, she reveals on her podcast an intimate memory she shared with her old friend. That forces the fashionista to reach out to Samantha, and to her surprise, she gets a response. Also in the episode, Miranda confronts her demons after her drinking leads to a confrontation with Carrie.

Apple iPad Mini Features, Price and Release Date

Apple is working on a new tablet and it’s going to be called the iPad Mini. We’re taking a look at it and we’ll tell you a couple of things about its features, prices and release date.

What to Look For in a Flash Drive

Have you ever been to your local department store looking for a flash drive, and come to the realization that you don’t know what to look for in a quality USB flash drive device? This article will show the average consumer how to get the best flash drive for the best price. Here’s a hint: It’s not always the biggest baddest name in the tech industry that has the best flash drives.

V-Touch Pro Vs iPod

Among the classic media player, the Visual Land V-Touch Pro is more than just an MP4 Player. The fact that it can do nearly anything an iPod can do, might place it among the best media player in the market. The iPod. It also has a great balance in terms of price verses features and it’s way below in cost than an iPod. Fits well in hand and has a hard case that makes it quite durable.

The Key Benefits Of IT Services and IT Service Management

The workplace can sometimes be a difficult place to navigate. Especially when you are just starting a new job, when new protocol and technology is introduced or when you are training new employees on the pertinent ins and outs of their job. For this reason, IT services are often included as an additional aspect or sector of many businesses and establishments so that understanding information technology can become a more advantageous and helpful process. There are several different benefits that are tied to IT services and IT service management. Many of them are listed below.

Managed IT Services: How They Help Your Business

If you own a small- to medium-sized business, then you know what a hassle IT can be, especially if you have little to no experience with servers and the technology involved. Trying to do everything yourself and fix all the issues that crop up can be a full time job, not leaving you any time for the main thrust of your business. Time is definitely money, and spending all day fixing something you know nothing about when a professional could do it in a few minutes can get expensive.

Choosing the Best IT Solutions Provider for Your Business

With the relentless growth of technology, the need for businesses and business owners to consistently update their equipment has also increased. This facilitates the provision of professional services to your clients at a reasonable turnaround in order to remain competitive. A delay in service delivery to your customers could easily cause them to consider doing business with your competitors. As such, the need for reliable services from an effective IT solutions provider cannot be overemphasized. This means ensuring that you are dealing with a professional service and that the technology meets your business requirements. As such, certain considerations must be made when choosing your IT solutions provider.

Important Tips for Leasing IT Equipment for Your Business

When setting your business budget, the cost of buying office equipment may prove costly. This is why many business owners opt to lease IT equipment instead; not only is it a cost-effective option, it also means that you will not have to worry about upgrading your old equipment. With the relentless advancement of technology, IT equipment becomes obsolete within a few years as new gadgets take over. Leasing IT equipment means that you have the option of renegotiating the deal and upgrading the equipment to the latest version simultaneously.

A PC Rental Can Save a Lot of Money

Computers and PCs have become an integral part of office equipment. With office automation having become an essential time-saving option, you can find yourself severely handicapped if you lack sufficient PCs. But PC rental can get you out of your predicament immediately.

How to Select the Best Apple iPhone 5 on Contract in the UK?

Anyone looking to add an iPhone 5 in the UK with a carrier has a big selection as there are hundreds of options on the market place. The mobile phone carriers make it hard to make a simple selection, but not as difficult as comparing gas and electric suppliers.

Building a Virtual Computer

Do you have and love an Apple computer but wonder what the latest version of Microsoft’s Windows is like? Do you have a PC and wonder what it would be like to use Apple’s newest operating system? Do you ever want to try a piece of new software but are afraid that it might mess up your computer?