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Three Bad Ideas When Documenting IT

With a lot of information being thrown at us techs; how do we manage it so that the most important stuff is at the top? Here are three mistaken ideas you see all the time in the IT industry. Hopefully by seeing the mistakes you can see how to better organize our information. Tickets first information system Many techs believe that support information that can be used to solve problems should be at the top of the pile.

Three Technologies That Make It Easier to Document

Often times the idea of documentation standards is the equivalent to unicorn corals. Yes you can build them, but will any standard ever be able to capture the legendary beast of massive IT information? The answer is there is never a silver bullet to answer documentation standards. However, there are some technologies you can do to make it easier to document. 1.) Sharepoint 2010 Foundation.

Tips For Purchasing Stereo Amplifiers

The frequency response is the most commonly found parameter to characterize audio amplifiers. However, it can often be misleading and may not necessarily give a good indication of the sound quality. I will clarify the meaning of this term and also give some suggestions on how to interpret it while looking for an amplifier.

Top Ten Keyboard Shortcuts for Your Browser

Your PC has several built in shortcuts that will allow you to accomplish tasks faster or get to where you’re going in an easier, less complicated way. These built-in shortcuts are designed for typing, formatting, and Windows management. Each Internet browser has shortcuts as well, which can make your online experience even more convenient.

Skip Tracing Tools – Locating People In 2011

What is a skip trace and what are the tools you need to complete a skip trace? This article explains how professionals find missing people on a daily basis.

Android Performance Is Getting Better – Can It Affect You?

When we are talking regarding android, lots of us will immediately remember to a green robot that has been a mascot of the android platform. it is one of prestigious open-source operating system. Its ultimate features are able to attract the gadget lovers to change their point of view on how to use many function of a trendy gadget into a new way.

Getting Started With Your New Digital Picture Frame

If you have ordered a digital picture frame online, and it has arrived at your house, you will now need to set it up. When it comes to setting up your digital picture frame, you will need to do a few different things. First, you will need to decide on the photos that you want to load onto your frame.

Paying Bills Online – Five Secrets to Paying Your Bills Effortlessly Online With No Mishaps

Anyone can set it up so you pay your bills online from your bank’s online banking. But how do you know that bills are being paid online safely and on time? There’s five important steps you need to follow to make sure all of your important bills are being paid on time. Read on for the five secret steps to setting up a fully automated bill payment system for all of your recurring bills.

Text Mining And CRM

With the advancement and growth of data mining there has been a great scope and requirement of an area which can provide the purpose of various domains. Mixture of schemes from data mining, language, information process retrieval and visual understanding, created an interdisciplinary field called text mining. Text mining is also commonly referred as the procedure of pulling out the useful information and sequence from a shapeless text.

Digital Picture Frames: Communicating With Your Employees

Digital picture frames are a fun and easy way to communicate with your employees. While many businesses use digital picture frames to promote their business, only some businesses have decided to use the frames internally.