BEST Celebrity TikToks of 2021

Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears, Lizzo, Jason Derulo, Hilary Duff, Selena Gomez and more celebrities took TikTok by storm in 2021! Watch ET’s round-up of the best celeb TikToks from the past year.

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Top IT Trends for 2013

This year’s IT trends focus on the explosion of mobile comuting. Tablets and all touch devices will dominate the scene as we find new ways for computers to be an extension of the human experience.

Avoiding Various Health Issues by Reducing Your Mobile Phone Use

Even though you have many uses for your trusty mobile phone, you have to minimize your usage of it so you won’t be exposed to too much radiation. With the various health hazards associated with prolonged mobile phone use, albeit not definitive, you want to err on the side of safety by using your phone sparingly and only when it’s necessary.

Is Apple’s iPad the Clear Choice for All Tablet Enthusiasts?

The cult of Apple has seen no limit through the past few years. With thousands of people still opting to queue hours, days, even weeks to get their hands on the latest technological advancements from Apple, does Apple really offer you with exactly what you need, or is this another example of brand over function?

Protecting Your Identity, Why Start-Ups Should Pay Heed to IP Law

Intellectual property and the law that surrounds the protection of brands, ideas and image rights is hitting the news with considerable frequency at the moment. The latest big story broke last Friday, with the news that rapper Jay-Z and wife Beyonce had trademark registered their baby daughter’s name…

Tips and Tricks for Microsoft SkyDrive

The latest in cloud service offering by Microsoft is the addition of SkyDrive. Indeed this purposeful addition is beneficial to a user in storing content and data online. Initially you need to register for this service online. Remember it is dependent on a Microsoft account. However, you can register with your existing Hotmail or MSN login id or any other e-mail account. Additionally with the revamping of the Outlook by Microsoft, you can even register with your Outlook id. You will be offered with 7GB storage space, if in case you plan to expand more then you can opt for a paid annual service of $50.

Several Common Categories Of Oracle DBA Interview Questions And Answers Asked In Any Interview

Are you getting ready for an interview? Are you expecting an interview call somewhere to establish your Oracle DBA Career? If yes, what are the things that you have prepared yourself with?

App Review: I Can’t Wake Up! Alarm Clock for Android

An Android alarm clock app that actually works to drag your butt out of bed. If you have trouble waking up, this is for you.

Cleaning A Screen Protector Made Simple

Screen protector is a great product that helps you in many ways. It helps you protect your iPod, iPhone, Computer and laptop from dust and dirt. You just need to buy a suitable screen protector and fix it on the display screen of your electronic items. However, not many people know that cleaning such a screen protector can be a very difficult task to perform.

Google Nexus 10 Is Here

After much success of the highly anticipated Google Nexus 7 that was released earlier in the year, Google has released the Nexus 10 to round out their product portfolio. The Nexus 10 has been a big hit so far and is currently sold out at the Google Play store. The Nexus 10 has the latest Android 4.2 operating system that is super fast and very responsive. The tablet is integrated with Google Play which is their online store that you can purchase your applications, movies, music, and more. You can relax to know that all the digital products that you buy from Google are safe and stored in the cloud to be retrieved at anytime.

Top 10 Gadgets to Have for the Holidays

The wait is over and the holiday season is finally here. There is no better time of the year to celebrate with family and to exchange gifts. If you are like us then you realize that finding the right gift for your loved ones can be a bit challenging. Especially, if you’re loved ones love technology. Every year is a bit different with new gadgets coming out and it is hard to keep track of which ones are trendy. We are here to help make your life easy and provide you with the top 10 gadgets for the year.