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Know What You Need for Your Home Computer Network Solution

Knowing what you need helps you choose the correct devices to meet your needs in building your home computer network solution. This is due to the abundance…

Having an Uninterrupted Power Supply Can Make A Difference

A UPS or uninterrupted power supply is used by many people to help protect electronic equipment from the sudden loss of power due to a power failure problem. For many people and companies getting a sudden surge of power (spike) or complete power failure can be very common, a UPS can really help especially when you are protecting critical equipment must remain on without any interruption.

Learning How to Wire a Crossover Cable

Are you going to connect two computers together onto a network with the use of a router? You will need to know how to wire a crossover.

Different Ways Of Email Security

We know that email security is the most important matter in present time when mainly involved with different business through internet and email. Present world email is the main element which helps international businessmen to receive and send important and confidential information about businesses. As a result you need to keep your email account very secure for the security of your business.

The Positive Aspects of Making Use of a Brodit iPod Nano Automobile Holder

The Brodit iPod Nano auto holder allows you a number of possibilities for charging your iPod while it can be inside the holder. There are actually models that let you simply plug the automobile charger directly into the iPod itself while you’re driving and even though it can be within the auto holder. Other models of the Brodit iPod Nano auto holder are made to ensure that you can leave the vehicle charger connected to the auto holder at all times so your iPod will charge automatically once you put it in the holder. One more choice is to have an electrical connection installed directly into your dash in one of the vents and you could connect the iPod Nano auto holder to that connection which means no annoying cords hanging down.

Can Macs Get Viruses?

As a software developer and Mac user, I’ve been doing a lot of research lately on whether Mac computers (iMac, MacBook, or Mac Pro) can get viruses, and I thought I’d share some more of my research here. The short answer is that yes, depending on your definition of a virus…

Create Mac Apps With the Mac Automator

The Mac Automator comes free with every Apple Mac computer, and through the use of macros, actions, and workflows, you can create your own Mac apps. Here’s how.

Are You a Clicker?

Are you a “clicker” or do you use keyboard shortcuts? A “clicker” is someone who only use the mouse, but using some keyboard shortcuts can actually save you some time and make you work more efficiently once you get used to them.

A Three Step Slam for Shrinking Paper

Today we are living in a time in which we are all overwhelmed by the abundance of information. Each day we are receiving more paper materials than we have space to store. This article seeks to provide options to assist in the management of excess paper and reduce the clutter in our work environments.

HD Webcams – Why You Should Upgrade Today

These days there seem to be cameras everywhere. On your phone, in your laptop or tablet, or even the traffic light you just ran (by accident, of course). Webcams are no exception. With the advent of video calling, webcams are not just for novelty purposes anymore. Sure you can use the one already installed in your computer or phone, but the low-res picture quality may not be ideal, especially if you use it for business, as well as personal, purposes. companies, such as Logitech, have heard your request for better picture and sound quality and come out with HD webcams that solve these issues. Upgrading now, as I will discuss, might make you wonder why you ever used those other low quality options.