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Why the iPad 2’s New Screen Means You Need A Screen Protector

The iPad 2 screen uses a new technology which supplanted the iPad original’s screen. Find out why this means you still need an iPad screen protector for your iPad 2.

How to Speed Up One’s Computer

Is your computer running slow? Are you tired of waiting for that internet web page to load? There several little tips and tricks available to speed up your computer and get it working to its optimum performance level. It may be time to do a spot of maintenance on it to speed things up a little.

Gains Associated With Contacting Computer Training Experts

The competition in the current internet world makes it necessary for someone to obtain computer training knowledge and skills. This coaching comes with numerous benefits that lead to the enhancement of business revenues.

How to Reduce Network Latency

If you manage computer networks you must know how to quickly find and resolve network latency issues. Network latency can cripple your network and result in angry customers. In this article we will dive into what can cause network latency and ways to resolve them.

Kindle Touch

The technology has improved considerably in the recent past and so has the kindle touch. They are currently being offered at a discount and it is important to purchase while the prices are still low.

Portable Air Conditioner Line – The Best Answer to Data Center Cooling

Those of us that have server’s have them locked away in Rapunzel like towers or rooms, and therefore a mystical phenomena beings where out of sight out of mind. There are very few times in our lives that we feel the need to venture into our server room, typically it’s when something has gone wrong and because of this we are often reminded of how important they are when it is too late. The ideal temperature of any given server room is sixty four degrees, during a power outage this temperature could absolutely sky-rocket.

Samsung Galaxy Note Now Available in White

It seems that white is the new black in the smartphone world. The deeply-impressive Samsung Galaxy Note has followed in the footsteps of the white iPhone 4S and has taken the pearly hue on board, and it’s certainly the better for it. The stunning smartphone/tablet hybrid is one of the most technologically-advanced devices on the market today, and now has a funky colour that makes it all the more appealing.

The Top Ten Varieties of iPod Touch 4G Cases

If you want to take care of your iPod Touch 4G from various scratches, then you should purchase a durable case for it. There are various iPod Touch 4G cases available in the market, which can enhance the look as well as keep it safe from scratches. Let us have a look at the top ten varieties of iPod Touch 4G cases:

Is the Samsung Galaxy S2 The Most Loved Smartphone?

Last year was a triumph for Samsung as the firm brought out a number of similar Galaxy models in the range, but the S2 was head and shoulders above the rest and many would argue the competition too. It’s a similar-looking device to the rest of the Galaxy range, which is no bad thing, but it’s deeply intriguing who the electronics giant has managed to cram so many tech into this smartphone that it’s worth buying just to try and work that out!

Samsung Galaxy S Vs HTC Desire – Which Android Phone Is Your Favourite?

Android continues to be the biggest threat to Blackberry and Apple’s iOS operating system. Being passed around many different types of handsets it’s fair to say that Android has the market in a stranglehold. Of course, there are millions of Apple owners out there but Android is available across a myriad of phone makers that makes it difficult to ignore.