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How to Restore the Dell Inspiron 1501 to Its Factory Settings

Dell Inspiron 1501 comes with the option of restoring the system back to factory settings. This option is extremely useful when you are facing issues with the OS, the system has become corrupt or there are software errors. Restoring your Dell Inspiron 1501 to its factory settings is not difficult because it does not require any installation disk and there is no need to go through the tiring lengthy process of manual reset. You need not be an engineer to figure out the process to restoring your system back to its factory settings either. This method is far easier and faster when compared to the conventional method of system restoration.

Using Google Voice To Reduce Your Smartphone Bill

Smartphone agreements are complicated when voice service is in question. You can go overboard plus have a thousand or further extra minutes that won’t be necessary to use every month, or minimize your usage and track your minutes at every end of each billing phase to ensure you don’t surpass the cap. But if you have a Google Voice app on your Android smartphone, you can cut your voice usage considerably by steering calls through your smartphone’s 4G or 3G connection-or, if you can rely on Wi-Fi connections only, you may well eliminate your cell service completely.

Kindle Kiosk Downloading Terminals Needed at Starbucks Please

The other day, I was at Starbucks I was talking to someone who was reading on their e-reader. Not knowing a lot about those types of personal technologies – I really can’t tell the difference between an iPad, a Sony tablet, a Nook, or even a Kindle. I did know that they were reading an e-book, and I inquired as to what they were reading as they had looked up and smiled at me.

How Is Security Threatened When Windows Security Center Is Disabled? How to Enable It

Windows Security Center is a software program that keeps a check upon various security measures of the system. This program is essential to keep a regular check on firewall protection, antivirus and software updates. This way it sets alerts and keeps software updated for better system performance. In case there is software corruption, your Security Center might get disabled. You will face numerous problems and your system will become vulnerable to various threats.

2 Most Common Issues Related to the Drivers in the Dell Inspiron B120 System and Ways to Solve Them

Like any other system your Dell Inspiron B120 comprises drivers. These can have issues just like any other software on the system. Drivers are essential to the working of hardware, software and other devices that are attached to the system. These drivers are necessary to form a connection between software, hardware and other devices. It is essential to recognize the device installed by the OS. For example if you are attaching a new device to your PC then it is essential for it to recognize it.

Memory Upgrades – How Much Does It Cost to Upgrade My Laptop’s Memory?

Every computer to ship in 2012 – be it a brand new notebook computer or even one of the new and lighter ultrabooks to arrive from various manufacturers this year ship with one glaring flaw and that’s too little RAM installed. This is usually due to the cost cutting required as computers, especially notebooks are constricted in the cost of the parts and the room for those parts to go. So with that in mind, the computer manufacturers tend to ship the computers with just enough memory for the computers to boot up and perhaps some light computing…

How to Backup Your Computer and The Importance of Backing Up

Backing up your computer is very important due to all the threat’s computer’s face today. Did you know that your hard drive can take a “fail” on you at anytime. Despite how new the hard drive is, it still can happen. This article will help you learn more about backing up your computer.

One Of The Most Costly Business IT Support Mistakes I See Almost Every Week And How To Avoid It

I work at an IT Support Company that provides IT Support for small to medium sized businesses. I’m on the train on my way to see a prospective Business IT Support client right now with a detailed IT Support Audit report in my bag.

How to Access the Microsoft Outlook PST Files in Lotus Notes

Microsoft Outlook and IBM Lotus Notes, both are counted among the most popular e-mail clients. Lotus Notes can be described as an integrated desktop client that enables the user to access business mails, calendars and applications available on IBM Lotus Domino server. Microsoft Outlook plays a similar role and it is also one of the popular e-mail clients across the world. Due to the wide utilities and advanced features Lotus Notes is preferred over Microsoft Outlook. Moreover, users who have Outlook want to switch over to Lotus. While migrating to Lotus Notes users often face a deadlock because of the different databases and file formats as Outlook uses PST files while Lotus uses NSF.

What’s Up With Your Modern Devices

Portability and innovation are just two of the good things about these modern devices i.e. USB drives, flash drives, swivel drives, stick drives, pen drives, and the like. With these pocket-sized gadgets, it is now easier to bring your work with you anywhere you want.