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Is Apple Launching the New IOS?

The market is abuzz with the news that Apple developers are working to developing the latest iOS version. It is being said that work on iOS 7 has already begun. Although it is not clear about the specific features that it might incorporate. The official announcement about this new version is still on hold, it will only be available around June 2013. Until then one can only guess and hope that this new version is what one wants because it accommodates the iOS 6 features as well as several other new features.

The Digital Future

The digital future is upon us – right now! The future is here in the present. Make sure your future doesn’t turn out to be future imperfect.

3 Easy Ways to Retrieve Deleted Pictures From Your Apple Device

You may end up accidentally deleting photographs while using the iPhone or iPad. At times you face a situation where your picture or entire albums get wiped off from your device. The only option left is to go back to iTunes for that backup hoping that you might be able to retrieve some pictures from there.

Distributed Antenna System – Get Premium Wireless Solutions!

When signal strength is a problem, you need to solve the problem or simply learn to live with it. However, on a commercial scale, numerous solutions are available to improve signal strength and provide uninterrupted service to users. Installation of these services becomes a must to ensure unhindered productivity.

Advantages of Quality Headphones for Workouts

The must-have headphones for music and sport enthusiasts are also known as sports headphones. As this type of headphones has special usage so buyers must know how to choose the right types of headphones. On some rare occasions, you can use the headset the companies provide with the purchase. Sometimes, these headsets are to be bought on the side.

How to Choose Quality Headphones

Choosing headphones is very personal. You can buy a computer, a monitor or keyboard and make it fast and ignore some flaws by looking more into their benefits. But with headphones it is very different. We seem to never get used to headphones that do not sound good or do not fit the way we want.

The Development Of Portable Timekeeping

With phones fast overtaking watches as the prominent devices for timekeeping. It’s worth taking a quick look back at how the technology, and interest in it, developed.

How Do Police Laser / LIDAR Guns Work?

Most of us have already been through it: Seated, silently fuming, while in the driver’s seat of the car. Red and blue lights flash from behind, while an officer writes a ticket in their cruiser. How did he get me, you ask. Could he have even gotten my speed from that far away, you wonder. Perhaps you’ve gotten lucky and instead cruised past the policeman while he continues to look over the ‘barrel’ of his laser gun at traffic behind you.

The Rise And Rise of the E-Book

The rise of the e-book is nothing short of a phenomenon but also is a much argued and disputed revelation in the publishing and reading world. We look at the phenomenon from both sides.

Should You Buy an iPad Mini?

The most awaited product by Apple after the iPhone 5 is the iPad Mini. Now after the launch of this product there are news floating in the technology market about the product and its actual utility. It seems that there has been a bit of disappointment related to this product.