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Security+, We All Practice It

Most of my students are surprised while pursuing their CompTIA Security+ certification of how much security practices we perform almost innately. The world of data security is an acronym driven study. There are acronyms dealing with encryption, authentication, disaster recovery, integrity and myriad of other methodologies. My aim is to first associate our actions with outcomes and progress into applying these concepts to data security.

Computer Tablet Buying Advice

Tablets have taken the computer world by storm as they fill the void between a notebook and a smartphone. Many people want the processing power of a notebook computer for browsing, watching YouTube videos or watching movies, however they want something that is more portable than a notebook. While smart phones are capable of some of these functions, the reality is that they don’t have enough screen real estate and lack the overall processing power.

How To Fix The Physx BulletStorm Error

Physx is a driver that is one of the leading graphics drivers that was designed by NVidia, and it was designed to aid in the number of critical ‘Physics’ based functions on your games. The Physx driver allows for human realistic movement and effects and vehicle effects and also other advanced graphical features. Although the error may appear when you try to play a game or use a certain piece of software that includes special advanced graphical features, it’s surprisingly easy to fix and use.

Sprint Announces Google Voice Integration With Nexus S 4G

Sprint may be having a bad day with the announcement of AT&T ‘s buying the T-Mobile for $39B heavy, but this does not prevent the company moving forward with its program of 4G. While competitors such as AT&T and Verizon are finally pushing for LTE 4G data connectivity, Sprint is putting an emphasis WiMAX.

How to Easily Perform Your Own PC Tune Up, Within an Hour!

Many people mistake their computer problems for more expensive hardware replacement needs or costly software problems. The truth is, a PC tune up done the right way, can make your computer feel like new again! Here’s how to perform a free PC tune up, all by yourself, within an hour!

The PROS And CONS Of The Popular ViewSonic PJD5122 DLP Projector

The ViewSonic DLP projector is a popular projector on the market. There are some good things about it. Yet there are some few yet potentially disqualifying negatives to this projector.

GeForce 8400GS Drivers

The NVidia GeForce 8400GS driver is needed to help play the files and settings on your PC. If you’re looking to download the driver software to help this graphics card run at its full potential, it’s essential that you’re able to obtain the latest version of the NVidia software, and then use that to ensure that the graphics will run in the best way possible. We’ve found one of the main causes of problems for the NVidia Geforce 8400GS is in being able to download the correct drivers for this system – which is an issue that can be overcome very easily by downloading the drivers from the NVidia website.

Decoding The High Cost Of Projector Lamp Replacement

Projector lamps cost a fortune. Many people wonder why. The causes can be decoded and exposed.

Bulletstorm “PhysX” Error Fix Tutorial

Getting the PhysX error with Bulletstorm? This problem is almost certainly caused by a small part of your PC called the “NVidia PhysX Driver.” This is a piece of software created to help control a number of important physics attributes inside your PC, and is continually being used to help your system run much smoother and more effectively whilst playing games.

NVidia Geforce 7300 GS Drivers For Windows 7

NVidia Geforece 7300 GS drivers are commonly downloaded from the NVidia website – and are available for Windows XP, Vista and 7. Although this card is now a few years old, downloading its drivers for Windows 7 is done by clicking onto the NVidia website, installing the software and then making sure that you can get the latest drivers available. The only problem is, for many people, that they cannot find the specific drivers required to help the 7300 card run correctly on Windows 7 – making it vital that you’re able to use the steps outlined on this page to download the correct driver.