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What Special Features Can You Expect If You Purchase The iPad 2?

Here we go again, just when you though it was safe to get comfortable with the first one, a new one is coming out. These items are not cheap, so any sane person is going to ask himself or herself why should they purchase the iPad 2? After all, the features in the first one are pretty solid, and there is no reason to believe the features of the next one are going to be much better. Well, you would be wrong if you think this way. If you purchase the iPad 2 you are going to be pleasantly surprised at the dynamic features that have been added.

Social Media Tactics: Part 1

By now you have heard that Social Media is a revolution. A big change is coming in the way businesses market and communicate their message. To understand Social Media you have to spend time studying the concept, method and strategy. Don’t worry if it seems complicated and time consuming at first. There are a few proven strategies that will give your social media campaign a boost. Let’s start with Twitter and Facebook.

Why Transfer VHS to DVD?

When you find that you need to use a VHS to DVD converter, it is a sign that you have way too many tapes that require storage. Many homeowners have tried different ways to archive their videos to decrease the required storage area needed.

ClickBank Affiliate Riches (Part 2) Reminiscences of a Budding Millionaire

In my last article I explained what I had tried to make a fortune on the internet. As you may have gathered, I’m still here, writing articles and trying hard to find that elusive formula that every ‘get rich’ promotional site says I can find in 20 minutes. I have made progress. I have produced two new websites which are live but which so far haven’t produced any return. I am getting expert in how to research and buy domain names. I know what add-on domains are. I know about hosting companies and transferring domains from one site to another. I know how to drag and drop and I can design fairly interesting colourful web pages. I post on Facebook, on twitter, blog and write articles, none of which bring me in any money. So what is going wrong?

This Is What Resolution You Should Scan Your Photos

Here is a non technical guide on what is resolution, and how to use it for photo scanning. Take a look at these numbers: 300 DPI 1200 x 1800 pixels 2 mega pixels. Confusing? Come along, and I’ll show you what they mean, and how this can help you choosing what resolution you should use.

Techies’ Terminology

Can you keep track with technology and its development? Many people can’t, because development is just too fast and there are too many devices on the market nowadays. Therefore, we prepared a small dictionary with the hottest terms in technology.

Resizing Digital Pictures: Why to Do It and How To Do It

If you take pictures with a digital camera and then want to share them with others via Facebook or email, you will need to learn to resize these digital images. We will take a look at why you need to this and how it can be done.

How To Fix The Runtime 52 Error On Windows

Runtime 52 Error on a Windows computer indicates that somewhere in your system there is a ‘Bad file’ or ‘Bad number’ that is causing this error to appear. It is usually common for this type of Runtime error to appear in the Microsoft Work application that have enabled macros and were created using a different computer. This particular type of error is the cause of the macro command settings in a program called Visual Basic. In order to fix this specific error you need to fix errors surrounding the macros.

How To Install Broadcom Driver Installation Software

Broadcom driver installation software has been created to help you make the most of the wireless configuration on your PC. Broadcom is a leading producer of wireless network cards, and has been created to help you make the most of your system. The only problem is that if you want to use the Broadcom driver on your PC, you have to make sure you have the most up to date version of this driver to ensure the continued smooth operation of your system.

Some Useful Wall and Ceiling Projector Screen Nuggets

Purchasing your LCD or DLP projector is just but a part of the possible full experience of digital projection. There are a variety of other accessories to consider if you care to expand your projector use experience.