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How To Fix D3D9 DLL Error On Your PC!

D3D9.dll is a system file that is used by the DirectX 9 software.  It helps DirectX in collaborating with a number of Windows-based games and other types of multimedia programs.

17 Quick Ideas to Speed Up Your Internet

Here are some basic ways that you may already have known but might have forgotten. I use this list myself to make sure my computers are running smoothly. Even if your a computer wiz check them out. Maybe there is one you missed. I have used this list for a very long time and I hope that it helps you now.

LAN Server Racks – What You Must Know Before Buying Them

Computer networks like LAN play an important role in today’s life. A LAN is a computer network that connects a series of computers and devices within a particular area. They can be created at home, offices, schools etc and help you to transfer your data at high speeds. LAN server racks are basically enclosures.

The Computer Power Supply: The Forgotten Computer Part

Building a computer from scratch is an excellent way to learn about how a computer operates. Understanding the different components and the manner in which they interact can reveal much about the functionality of a computer. Some of the most famous computer professionals such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates began their careers by building their own versions of computers.

Your Kindle: Accessories To Make It Uniquely Yours

There are a number of ways to personalize your Kindle. Here are a few. Add a Kindle cover a new skin or a reading light to give it your personal touch. See here for more of what’s available.

Cameras Through the Ages

Today, we have cameras everywhere and we no longer give them a second thought. Many decades ago though, the earliest cameras were being invented, tested, and manufactured by brilliant individuals who were dedicated to ensuring that people would eventually be able to capture moments in time through photography. Here is the interesting story of the development of the camera.

Kindle Reader: What Can I Get For Free?

The Kindle Reader is awesome. Not only from a technological standpoint, but in terms of the titles available for it. In addition to 775,000 paid titles, Kindle boasts more than 1.8 million free titles. Now I was a bit skeptical about the free stuff. I decided to check the first 10 pages on Amazon and here is what I found.

Amazing Features Of The Top Gaming Keyboards

Over the recent years online games has grown in popularity all over the world. It has become an industry in itself pushing manufacturers to use technology to produce items that are solely dedicated to online gaming. Two of the input methods commonly used in online games are the keyboard and the mouse.

Labels for DVD – Create Them on Your Own

When initiating the creation process of DVD labels, there are a few basic requirements to be considered like blank slips with adhesive, a good quality printing machine and a few templates that could assist in creating tag for DVD. The subsequent step is to select a paper that can be used for labeling which as well should be of the size of the disk on which it needs to be attached. Along with this, there is a need of good software that can assist in creating the pattern of the tag.

Physical Memory Dump Error Fix – How To Repair This Blue Screen Error

PC Restart & shows Physical Memory Dump error? This problem is a occurring on 100’s of computers around the World every day, and is caused by a specific list of potential issues that are generally going to prevent your computer from correctly reading the files that it requires to run. The good news is that this error can be fixed very easily – by using the steps outlined on this website.