Fighting Forest Fires with AI – BBC My World

Reshma, 15, from the USA, has come up with a solution to help predict forest fires.

Forest fires have become a global problem through climate change, causing deaths, and threatening biodiversity by destroying animals and nature. Reshma’s project, “AI against forest fires”, uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to predict forest fires with almost 90% accuracy.

Reshma’s created a computer prototype, which is able to calculate where and when the probability of a forest fire occurring is greatest. It does this by using open data, such as temperature, humidity, wind speed, soil moisture and human behaviour, along with AI to make predictions. She hopes to use this prototype to create an app, and then scale up her AI model to become a global platform that could be used in the fight against forest fires.

It’s been announced that Reshma has won 2021’s Children’s Climate Prize, which she hopes will draw attention to her project.

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