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How to Protect Administrative Login Access by Specific User Locations

Using a proactive method to secure a web site, you can lock down access to a any given folder or directory. One of the main reasons you may want to restrict by specific IP addresses would be for administrative login accounts.

How To Keep Outlook Fast and Error Free By Archiving

Tired of slow send, receives, searches, and just about everything else in Microsoft Outlook? Yeah, we thought so. The problem most people have with Microsoft Outlook’s slow performance comes from having an overly large.pst file.

Max Out 3D Software Performance with Autodesk 3ds Max

Autodesk Media and Entertainment produced and developed its 3ds Max (formerly 3D Studio MAX) product line to be powerful 3D modeling and animation tools for the Windows platform. While 3ds Max is geared more toward digital content creation for computer animation and video games, its sister product 3ds Max Design caters more to the architectural, design and engineering industries.

Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook – All That You Need To Know

The brand new and absolutely stunning Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook is probably the latest and most innovative personal home computing product ever created. However, Dell announced the launch of their latest product at the annual Consumer Electronics Show 2012, still there is something that makes their late entrance special. Need to know more?

Printing in 3D Starts With 3D Modeling

Whether you’re an engineer with a revolutionary new widget or the next Rodin of our generation (or an architect, inventor, or what-have-you), 3D printing allows you to turn the shape you’ve conceived in your mind into hard reality. But, before you can send that revolutionary widget or objet d’art off to the printer, you need to first construct that model. The way to do that is with 3D software.

Factors Making Bluetooth Headsets a Must-Have

Superb audio quality is perhaps the most popular highlight of modern Bluetooth headsets. They have these noise cancellation options you can choose from.

Factors Affecting a Fast VPN

To the uninitiated, a VPN or Virtual Private Network refers to a network used by businesses or other public telecommunication infrastructure to connect with remote sites. Thus, virtual connection is routed through the internet from the businesses’ private network to the employee. Although this is a faster and more effective method when compared to ‘leased lines’; not all VPN service providers deliver fast VPN service.

How To Choose the Right Laptop for College

In 2012, many laptops are cheaper than before. Some innovations in technology made them easier to carry around. With their long battery life and high level of portability, many of the new laptop models became very demanded. Today, most of the universities and colleges require from you to carry a laptop in your studies, especially if you are in such a speciality connected with information technologies. If you don’t own a laptop, you should really get one, especially if you are about to study abroad. You will always need a laptop or at least a small notebook. So forget about the old desktop machines and look around for the best laptop for college work. The next few paragraphs may help you a lot in choosing the perfect solution.

Study Aids: Why an iPhone Flash Card App Is the Best Learning Tool

Flash Cards have long been a proven way to effectively study for almost any subject. One of the best ways to use flash cards is on your iPhone. A Flash card app on your iPhone allows you to take your “cards” with you wherever you go and are available to use any time you have a spare moment.

Movies on Demand in Flight: Video Message Sending Technology

Video Message has made it possible to watch movies on demand even thousands of metres above sea level. Watching movies in this low cost way has no piracy issues nor does it have a risk of getting one’s device affected with virus.