GoDaddy Buys Vidnami.. What To Do Next?

Drawing Tablet Review

A drawing table is a computer input device which allows someone to hand-draw pictures and images, just like the way one draws graphics using a pencil and paper. These types of tablets could also be used to record data or hand-written signatures. It’s also useful to track a graphic coming from a sheet of paper which can be taped or otherwise attached to the surface. Recording data in this manner, either by tracing or entering the edges of linear poly-lines or designs is called digitizing. A drawing tablet (also called pen pad or digitizer) includes a flat working surface where an individual may “draw” or trace a graphic utilizing an attached stylus, a pen-like drawing apparatus. The graphic normally does not display on the tablet itself but, rather, is shown on the laptop monitor. Some tablets, nevertheless, come as a operating secondary computer screen that you could communicate with images immediately by using the stylus.

What’s the Best iPad 2 Case for Me?

Everyone wants the new iPad 2. So when it’s finally yours, why not treat yourself to the perfect case? With so many options in the market, here’s a handy guide to the perfect case for you!

How To Stop or Avoid Spam Email

If you’re a member of the current millennia, you’ve probably heard the word & had more than your fair share of junk email in your inbox. For those of us that use email (which is most of us these days), the experience of spam and junk email is all too familiar and annoying.

5 Best Android Tablets of 2011

The dawn of tablet computers has dwarfed the entire world due to its portability and convenience. The availability and sheer volume of different brands has given consumers a mind-boggling decision to make.

The Right Headset Increases Job Performance

If you work in an office or a call center, there is a good chance that you use a headset with your work phone. This is a very common thing, because headsets can increase productivity and make your work much easier to accomplish. In order to really get any benefit out of a headset, though, it needs to be the right one.

5 Steps to Triple Your Computer’s Speed in Less Than an Hour

Has your computer ever frozen? And then you step out to do something else, and come back and it is STILL FROZEN? Or even worse, it crashes and you lose an important email or a document or spreadsheet you have been working on for a while. If any of these apply to you, follow these 5 steps to speed up your computer.

Mac Help: Top Five Do’s and Don’ts of Passwords

The password is the key to everything: the Mac itself, your applications, your files, your life. With all the passwords we have today, what is the best way to keep them straight? Macs have a great way to keep your passwords organized and safe – learn how you can avoid the biggest password problems.

The Story of Bluetooth

Wireless bluetooth technology was developed in 1994 by engineers at Ericsson in Sweden. Eventually, a small grouping of vendors such as Ericsson, IBM, Intel, Toshiba, and Nokia created the Bluetooth Special Interest Group(SIG) in order to formalize the technology and make it an industry standard.

Can I Really Get A Free iPhone 4?

A lot of people might be familiar with the stories about internet users and a lot of everyday people getting a free iPhone 4. If you haven’t heard any of the news about this, then you are out of the loop. Everyday, there are thousands of people finding easy ways to get a free iPhone. You just have to know some of the methods.

Accessing PC Support Whenever You Need It

Having a computer allows people to work from home, go to school without attending a class on campus or stay in touch with friends, old and new. But the more that you use your computer and the more people that you are in contact with, the more likely you are to eventually need PC support for damages and virus infections. Computers allow us access to the world, in the manner in which we choose to use them with no time limits.