Hawkeye Episode 5: New MCU Netflix Villain Theory + Full Review!

#Hawkeye Episode 5 brought a shocking villain into the mix. What does this mean for the MCU story and #KateBishop?

Make Your Old Computer Run Like New

Slow computer driving you crazy? There are three things you can do that don’t cost money but can speed up your computer.

Computer Security: The Cyber Criminals Are Winning

Little doubt remains. The numbers are in. Cyber criminals are winning. People need to take proactive steps to stop intrusions from malicious hackers and crackers.

Slow Computer? Learn How to Speed Up Your PC

Personal Computers have become the standard tool for personal interaction and conducting business and because we rely on them, they also can be a source of considerable stress when they fail to operate optimally. This article discusses some reasons that lead to PC performance degradation and recommended steps to manage and PC optimization and eliminate performance issues.

Tips To Select A Proficient Computer Tech Support Agent

Selecting a person who promotes himself to become a computer technical support professional is easy, but, the difficulty is locating a reliable one. Undoubtedly, there are some excellent and extremely experienced staff in the field but finding a good and honest specialist could be a difficult proposition. There are 2 specific tasks vital to fill this particular need, finding a pool of prospects to choose from and erasing the less desirable job seekers from your checklist.

How To Handle A Problem

Although this is a metaphorical article about computers and technology, it is an article mostly about the technology between our ears that we seldom use to capacity. This will be a sort of Mark Twain/Samuel Clemens type article about technology in relation to that.

Waterproof and durable Smartphones

Only big and bulky phones used to offer waterproof and dust proof protection. Yes, I am talking about the types of phones you see construction workers using, or even everyday people who just want a phone they don’t have to worry about.

God in the Digital Age

This article looks at how a local Worcester church attempts to modernise and to embrace the digital age. We look at some of the problems this provides and also see a historical context.

Is Artificial Intelligence Here?

The system has you. From the first mobile update in the morning to the closing sliver of light from under a laptop lid at night – you are cocooned in a gilded prison you cannot smell or touch or taste. A prison run by sentient electrons travelling at the speed of light, invisible, patient and inevitable – what some may call artificial intelligence. A bit too dramatic? Perhaps. But is it really that removed from the not so distant future?

5 Reasons to Buy a Great LED Flashlight

Did you know that LED flashlights are the best eco friendly alternative available today for lessening your carbon footprint? If you cannot really install solar panels above your home and meet all your energy needs through solar energy, you can at least reduce your carbon footprint with the help of LED lights. How can owning one help?

How to Choose the Best LED Flashlights?

With the world coming to terms with the dangers of global warming, the immediate necessity today is using our resources wisely. We should try to be environmentally friendly as often as possible. What is important to remember is that electricity consumption plays a great contribution towards global warming.