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The Apple iPad 2: Mobile Learning Devices Make Learning Fun

All across the United States, there are plans to bring school districts up-to-date on their use of technology in the classroom. Closer to home, parents would do well to invest in an Apple iPad 2 for use as a mobile learning device. Considering where technology was at even just a decade ago, the easy-to-use Apple iPad 2 is simply amazing! There are countless applications for the mobile device, but the most dazzling ones for parents are the educational ones.

Creating an iPhone App for Non-Technical Users

The iPhone app industry is booming, and extremely lucrative. This is a guide for those who are not so technical and experienced, who are interested in getting into the app industry. This will help both beginners and intermediate app developers.

Messenger Bags: A Laptop’s Home on the Go

From professional to casual, from work to play, messenger bags fit comfortably into any setting allowing you to focus on what is at hand, enjoying life to the fullest. Bottom line messenger bags look great and will help you look great also.

How Can I Make Apps With No Programming Experience?

The app market is a billion dollar industry. Analysts predict within 3 years sales figures will exceed 8 billion dollars or more. Do you want to get in on this booming market?

How to Build a Gaming Computer for Under $1000

Is it really possible to build a gaming grade desktop rig for under $1000? I mean think about it; gaming computer sold these days are no less than $2000, so how could you possibly make a computer that could be as good as Alienware, but at the same time less than half as much?

Fix Your Slow Windows Computer

You were excited the day you received your new computer, everything ran like greased lightning, and you gave no second thought to how quickly your computer was able to complete any task. Now, a few months later, you’re drumming your fingers on your desk waiting five minutes for your PC to just start up, and almost three minutes for your email to come up. Almost anyone who has owned a computer has encountered the frustrating problem of the gradually slowing computer.

Why Is Your Computer Slow?

People don’t get angry at their car when their engine is leaking oil, or low on coolant. A smart person goes and gets their car fixed. Now consider that your computer is as complex as a miniature city. It seems like most people want to throw their computers against a wall at the first sign of trouble.

Implementing a Successful ITIL Framework – Myth or Reality?

ITIL best practices and standards are followed around the globe by many IT companies. It is an approach used by organizations to improve their IT Services. Several factors can ensue to decide whether it is for cost saving initiatives or to better organize the department to improve customer service. At the end of the day, any momentum towards improvement is positive as long as it is implemented successfully and ultimately consistent to ensure a steady and stabilized environment.

To Cure a Slow Computer – Learn Why Your Computer Is Slowing Down

Understanding Computer Principles to Preserve Proper Performance. Knowing what’s wrong is almost as important as knowing how to fix it. Using analogies to help teach inexperienced computer users a bit about the symptom related to “slow computer”.

PC Support For Computer Networks

Computer networking is essential for fast business communication. The details of computer networking and the PC support required for it are discussed in this article.