How And Just Like Addressed Willie Garson’s Death

Willie Garson’s sudden death altered his character’s storyline in ‘And Just Like That,’ now streaming on HBO Max. The ‘Sex and the City’ actor was only 57 when he lost his battle with pancreatic cancer, causing ‘And Just Like That’ writers to find a way to write off his character, Stanford Blatch.

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Buying the Best E-Reader

There are a large number of people who are in search of the right e-Reader as it is a device that is convenient to bring along and best for reading as you can carry an entire library of books with you even when you are on the go. The better e-reader you purchase, the more price you will have to pay with the features.

Using Gestures and Motions on the Samsung Galaxy S III

The Samsung Galaxy S III has a lot of surprises in store and many user utility functions, beneficial for all users. Things like gestures and motions are two such essential features that can help you organize your Home Page and make use of other features. Additionally, you will be able to use the zoom feature and Pan Functionality via the Motion Menu.

Are You Frustrated With Your New Mac or Apple Product?

Are you new to the world of Mac? Maybe your Apple device is just giving you problems that you can’t figure out yourself? Don’t waste valuable time searching for the answers, let a third party Apple/Mac tech support service do it for you!

Why You Need to Learn MS Excel

Learn why you should be learning about Excel if you haven’t already. The best thing about mastering Excel? You’ll become much more productive and it’s a skill you never forget, meaning it’s an investment that just keeps paying off.

Thermal Imaging’s Predictive Maintenance

Thermal imaging technology has proved to be a boon to a number of major industries. This technology has helped reduce operating costs and improved the quality of service and customer satisfaction.

Asus VivoBook X202E

Ever since the launch of Windows 8 there has been an increase in touch sensitive devices and laptops including devices that double up as tablets/laptops too. Asus too has come out with a touch-enabled laptop called Asus VivoBook X202E. Let us find out more about it.

Is Sony Truly the Arch Rival of Samsung?

Sony and Samsung seem to be fighting for the top position in the technology arena with the frequent introduction of newer and more advanced Smartphones. Recently with the introduction of the Sony Xperia Z, competition seems to have taken yet another step in advanced technology. However the popularity of Samsung Galaxy S III too cannot be denied. Both the phones are hi-end in technology.

One City Had Several Returns for Each Type of Personal Tech Device In Their Product Line

Every time I read an online review for a personal tech product I just cringe, and I must say I am skeptical regardless of who is reviewing or what they’ve said. Indeed, I’m sure you’ve heard by now that there are algorithms which can predict which product reviews are false, and which are legitimate. Unfortunately much of their strategies have been described in the personal tech news, things such as the real reviewer uses more of a personal voice rather than second or third person. Of course, those who are writing fake reviews are now adjusting them to look more like real reviews.

Tips to Sync Facebook Contact Information on Your Apple Device

According to Apple its 100 million+ users are now running their devices on iOS 6 which is the latest OS version available. The latest introduction of features provided by iOS 6 is Facebook integration allows the user to easily post updates, upload photos and videos from their iPhone. The other advantage of Facebook integration is that it has a huge amount of contact information that you can sync on your iPhone including addresses, contact details and e-mail ids.

Things to Think of Before Deciding on a Laptop Repair Service Provider

Laptops have become an integral part of our lives and most of us cannot even imagine waking up to a day without one. Maintaining and keeping your laptop updated is probably one of the things highest on our list of priorities. It’s our portal into the world of possibilities and a way to connect with all that’s out there. Whether it’s a job, your business or studies, laptop is the all important tool that we need today to equip ourselves with, for this vast unlimited world of opportunities and to achieve all that we aim for.