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Music Bullet: Make Your New Device a Portable Sound System

The Music Bullet is very small at only a few inches high, but it gives a sound quality that brings your music to life on new devices that have sacrificed sound for upgraded technology. You don’t need an outlet or batteries either. This little device recharges itself via a USB connection on your laptop or computer.

Tips For Identifying Cyber Security Threats

Security threats have become the forefront of multiple organization’s concerns for protecting customers, clients, and employees alike. With the ever growing era of technology and increasing business transactions made through the internet, business leaders are searching for ways to ensure such protection from these threats. The following article provides some tips and insight into identifying security threats for business.

Amazon’s Kindle Reader And Kindle Books Make A Great Tag Team

The success of the Amazon Kindle reader owes a lot to the wide selection of Kindle books available. Could Amazon be about to pair up the Kindle Fire with downloadable movies to boost sales of their tablet computer?

How-To Troubleshoot Your Printer Ink Cartridge

Most inkjet printers today available from firms such as HP and Canon are known for their distinctive new designs and almost laser jet print quality, instead using traditional ink tones. These printer devices can offer great print resolution even though they may not last in the longer run. Unlike character printers or dot matrix printers, which incidentally if you do have, are likely to need technical support more often, these non-impact printing devices spray ink and show fewer issues in the print head and paper feed assembly.

Low Tech in a High Tech World

It seems that the more gadgets we have that were all touted as being able to de-stress us by keeping us up to date, the more stressed out we have become. People walk out of their houses on their phones, they drive while checking their emails, and walk down the street while texting someone.

The Ever Evolving Process of Computer Repair

We don’t worry too much about computer repair until the time comes when we need it. Do you have a computer repair tech you can call when you need help? If not, you should.

What Does the IOS 5 Make You Want to Do?

Indeed, Apple once again has taken us to a whole new level of fun and convenience with their cutting edge operating system, the iOS 5. As Apple provided every iDevice user with a free software upgrade to iOS 5, everyone seems to be in love with it. When Apple announced that the latest update to the iOS platform would be released along with the new iPhone 4S, people all over the world got themselves and their gadgets ready for a major software revamp.

How to OC-Fy Pages Documents on Your iPad

When I was a kid, my one and only dream was to work in a grocery store as a cashier. And my reasons for wanting to be a bar-code-hugging, apron-wearing, girl behind the counter was: One, I liked the sound of the cash register when it popped the cash drawer open; and two, I liked the idea of sorting bills and coins into neat piles inside the cash register. Yes, I was a weird, geeky, OC kid and I still am (very much so that I claim that my ultimate hobby is hoarding coins and rearranging the bills in my…

Google on Apple – The Best Productivity App for Your iPad

Let’s just admit it, Google has monopolized our lives to make us Internet dependent and turn us into walking ‘G’ zombies. Web research has now equaled to Google and debates about being better off without them have ended with the same answer: The benefits outweigh the risks and dangers it poses. From finding books on Google Books to finding locations and coordinates on Maps or Earth to getting your own virtual flash drive through G Drive (also known as Google Docs), they has created a whole new world for us to live in.

Minimizing Wireless Internet Security Risks for Your Home/Small Business

Wireless Internet (“Wireless Fidelity”, or “Wi-Fi”) is a popular system for granting wireless Internet access to laptop and other PCs using radio waves for distances of up to 300-800 feet. Wireless Internet systems are now used in a great number of people’s homes because of the convenience and cost reduction resulting from not having to run Internet cables all through the building.This article will describe how to minimize risks to your Wi-Fi network.