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Top 5 Tablets From CES 2011

The 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas saw a rollout of a number of innovative new technologies. There, among the stars of the show, were the tablets. These devices garnered much attention for their exciting new designs and features.

Power Surges – Things You Can Do To Avoid Them

Getting a power surge can be a real problem for an electronic device. Lots of different devices are susceptible to power surges and they can happen at anytime. Generally them will only last for a few milliseconds and usually the transformer in your power supply will filter this. Sometimes with high voltage there can be issues trying to insulating it and keeping it away from integrated circuit for example, which can have a dramatic effect on equipment.

Low RAM Resulting in Slow System Performance

Random Access Memory is one of the utmost resources that enhance computer’s system performance. It greatly affects a system’s performance and is considered as fuel for the entire system. RAM is said to be an important and vital part of a computer system; thus, if an individual were making use of a lower capacity RAM then they would be coming across many issues.

HP TouchSmart 610 and the HP TouchSmart 9300 Review, Specs, Price, Release Date

Hewlett-Packard (HP) just announced their two all-in-one touchscreen desktop PC lineup namely HP TouchSmart 610 and the HP TouchSmart 9300. Both of them is first touchscreen desktop PCs from HP with features up to 60 degrees reclining display, allowing a more natural feeling touch experience on the desktop. The TouchSmart 610 and TouchSmart 9300 designed with a sleek with clean appearance to providing consumers and business users increased range of motion, superior viewing, share multimedia, and an intuitive touch experience.

Remote Versus Onsite Computer Technical Support

Traditionally businesses that needed emergency technical support for their PCs, servers, or networks needed to call a local computer support provider and wait until an engineer was available to come on-site. This could take hours or even days in some cases. Often a minimum service fee of one or more hours would be billed even if the work only required fifteen minutes. Now that high-speed Internet service is common at most businesses except those in rural areas the idea of remote tech support has become viable, and in many cases preferable. Yet is remote IT support a complete replacement for an on-site engineer or technician?

Kindle 3G Review

You must have heard from people saying that they do not travel anywhere while they do not have their library with them. For some people, they normally find lack of space where they can keep their collection of books.

How To Fix Slow Windows Boot Time

Windows boot speeds are directly affected by various different options inside your system, including the likes of how many programs your system will be trying to load up at boot, as well as any of the potential problems that your system may have inside. If your computer is taking a long time to boot up, it’s likely that there are a number of potential problems inside your system preventing it from running as smoothly or effectively as possible. The good news is that there is a very easy way to improve the boot up time of your system – allowing…

Samsung Galaxy Tab Multimedia Desk Dock Review

The multimedia desk dock for the Samsung Galaxy Tab supports your device while holding it in the portrait position. Here is a quick review.

Kindle Available on Your Windows Phone 7

Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader is now available for Microsoft Windows Phone 7 users, spreading the e-book reading joy across even more platforms. Readers rejoice!

The Best Way to Copy Audio Files From Apple iPod to Home PC

Most people would certainly agree with the fact that iPods are incredibly handy electronic devices. It is easy to keep mp3s there and listen to it any time you like. And even if somehow you really erase all your mp3s on your hard drive, you have already got a backup on your own iPod device.