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Can Microsoft’s ‘Fix It’ Really Fix It? Why Online Computer Support Then?

Need Microsoft support? Get a Hotmail email account and sign up for free troubleshooter downloads with MS Fixit. So how good is Microsoft’s virtual technician? Does helpline technical support still hold good for home PC users?

How to Reduce Lag When Playing Online Games

Playing online games is a lot of fun. Unlike usual computer games or single player experience, online games or multi-player gives a complete new and fun experience to its users every time. However, all this fun can be ruined because of the lag or high-ping. The lack of smoothness and high frame rates is usually known as ‘Lag’, which hampers the fun experience of playing online games. However, there are various things that you can do to minimize this lag issue, and to fully enjoy your online gaming experience.

Computer Repair and Your PC: How Technology Services Can Help When You’re in a Bind

Professional computer repairs can rescue your PC from a variety of maladies. Don’t just assume you need a new computer when yours starts acting up; bring in a qualified computer service for expert repairs to save big!

Convert PDF to Word

We’d all love it if there was just a button. However, today we look at PDF to Word conversion, why it’s so difficult and what one of the easiest methods available is to get it done.

How to Speed Up Your PC Instantly

A computer with slow performance can be really annoying problem. Once you use this computer, your productivity will be ruined. It will be quite hard to work well with an unreliable computer. When you need higher performance, the most possible solution is to buy newer computer with more advanced technology.

How to Troubleshoot Your Internet Connection in 5 Easy Steps

Here’s the problem. Your Internet Connection is too slow or pages are not loading. The network icon in you Windows 7 task bar is displaying an unresolved issue or yellow triangle.

A Field Of Dreams

An inspiration to use an online TV station to help spread the word about the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world has come to fuitition. The story is an adventure in overcoming obstacles and realizing a dream.

How to Save Electricity and Meet Your Carbon Reduction Commitment

Is your business struggling to meet the Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme? Look no further than an intelligent voltage optimisation. Units such as Voltis allow you to reduce your emissions by as much as 20%, while saving you money on electricity bills. Find out more about meeting your Carbon Reduction Commitment the easy way here.

How to Disable Timeline on Facebook

Though timeline is designed to help you and your friends view and share your social life on one page, you may not like it. If you don’t like timeline, you have the option to disable it. Here is an instructive guide for you to get rid of Facebook timeline.

Website Design Templates to Create Your Business Website

We have reached a stage where businesses without websites are bound to fail, or even close down. A website is now a basic need for running any kind of business venture. Your websites gives you the ability to attract potential customers globally, and then you could compel them to do business with your company.