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Cool Computer Gadgets for Your Geek

The coolest gadget that any geek can have it on that he can show off to others. This means that a sweet external hard drive probably isn’t the best gadget that somebody can own and it also explains the popularity of the iPad.

How To Fix MSDMO DLL Errors

MSDMO.dll is a file that’s used by Windows to load up the “DirectX Multimedia Objects” of your system to help load up a large number of important settings which will help it to run. Although this file is one of the most important parts of the Windows system, it’s continually causing a large number of problems due to it either being damaged or corrupted.

How To Fix Granny2 Dll Errors

Granny2 is a file that’s used by Windows to help process a number of important settings and options for your games. Although this file is very important, it’s continually causing a lot of problems on your computer due to the way in which it either cannot be processed correctly, or will have a number of possible problems that will prevent it from loading. In order to resolve the errors you’re seeing with Granny2, it’s recommended that you are able to first ensure the software you’re using is working correctly, and then that the Granny2 file itself is also secure and operational.

An Introduction to Home Automation Gadgets

Today’s technology is catching up to what we used to see in movies a while ago. A few years back, we would not have dreamed of having automated devices in our homes that we could check on at any time. So let’s do an introduction to some of the coolest home automation gadgets.

The Latest Computer Technology – What Is a Tablet PC?

Many people came to rely on the latest and greatest technology in this post-modern world. This includes today’s high-tech gadgets that we cannot just imagine life without them; like the cellular phone and the computer. It is quite difficult to give this up as it is already a part of our day to day life.

Ereaders, the NEW Way to Read Books, Magazines, Blogs and So Much More

Remember the days when you went to your local library or favorite bookstore to get a book or magazine, nobody even knew what a blog was back then, that is how your reading went, oh, I also forgot to mention the ever-popular newspapers then. Now, ereaders have made reading a whole new experience and a much more fun way to catch up on all the news that’s fit to print, you can download your favorite books for far less money than a traditional book, be it hardcover or paperback.

Are You Sure Your PC Is Safe?

Read this article if you are at all concerned about the security of your computer or your data. Find out how best to keep your computer safe and read some suggestions about how to buy online securely.

Use Your Mouse to Easily Sort Gmail Messages

Another in a series of articles about using Google’s Gmail system. This article is all about sorting messages into folders by dragging-and-dropping messages into the labels we created in previous articles. It also talks about using checkboxes to identify and move several messages at once, or use Gmail tools to identify and get rid of spam.

How to Clean Your iPad 2 Screen

Since technology has become such a large part of our world today, many people have resorted to depending on computers, laptops, phones, and other electronic devices on a daily basis. However, the gadgets that we use regularly must also be well maintained in order to ensure longevity. It seems like just yesterday that the original iPad came out, but now that there is a more sophisticated iPad 2, it is important to protect your investment by making sure that you are properly cleaning and taking care of your electronic device.

Why The Client Makes Design Changes?

I’ve heard the term, “the customer’s always right” since I was a child it seems. In medicine, I based my opinion on medical facts or used statistical data to plan out a course of treatment for a patient. I learned I could lead them according to these factors and it was up to them what they wanted to do in the end. In our industry, I’ve found the very same to be true. We can discuss the benefits of going a certain route with the client or showing studies why this or that is appropriate. In the end, the client makes the final decision and we must learn to live with it as right or wrong as that decision is..