How to get CUSTOMERS the RIGHT way

The Personal Computer As a Stress Relief and Exercise Coach?

People who use their personal computers have many ways to describe them, and most are not words that are considered polite in public spaces. Many people whose job requires the use of a computer daily are faced with deadline, schedules, interruption, and all forms of social media announcements and messages. All these get compounded when the computer becomes slow or is rendered useless by a hardware or software failure. How then, might one turn the personal computer into a source of stress relief or even exercise motivation?

Why Does My Computer Keep Freezing or Running Slow?

When we work on a computer regularly and continuously, sometimes the computer freezes or gets stuck. It starts running slowly. This is very annoying when you have an urgent work to do on the computer. The reasons could be many. It could be damaged or corrupted system file due to wrong handling or wrong installation, missing system files, unstable program, virus or any malicious program attack on the system files, over heated hardware etc. Let us find out the ways to handle them.

Virus Protection Software and Why It’s Necessary

Many personal computer owners struggle with the concept of needing virus protection software on their computers when so many of the software titles out there require a purchase of the software followed by a yearly subscription for updates. Some are confused by the terms virus scanner, firewall, Trojans, bugs, and spyware. Everyone who owns a personal computer should be very concerned with their data protection and the threats that exist on the internet today so that they can protect their personal information, their files (which include letters, pictures, and music), and save them hours of troubleshooting or costly paid repair services.

Sony Dash Review – The Personal Internet Tablet

The Sony Dash is not what most people visualize when they think about an internet tablet. They Dash is a little bit thicker than the newest style of tablets like the android tabs and the Apple iPad. The design is not made to be a “bring with you” device, but instead is build for use around the house as a counter top web enabled device.

Archos 5 Internet Tablet – The Slick and Savvy Tablet

The Archos 5 32GB Internet Tablet with Android is an amazing product which has an upgrade in both quality and looks. The slick black design and layout is perfect for the younger generation or electronic savvy individuals. Also with 32GB of space available, there is plenty of room, but the Archos 5 has 160GB and 500GB options available as well.

Picking The Best Laptop To Suit Your Needs

If you are in the market for a portable computer, and are looking for the best laptop for you, there are a few things you should think about before rushing off to make that purchase. You want to find a computer that syncs to your lifestyle, and of course is able to do everything you need it to. Your first decision is what platform to choose.

Security Threat With Smartphones

Your smartphone is highly vulnerable to security threats especially with attackers on the look out for opportunities to access personal information and exploit them. Learn to secure your smartphone and prevent information theft.

Galaxy Tab – Traveling Worldwide Made Easy

The compact Galaxy Tab from AT&T compares favorably with other small Android tablets. Check it out!

Should I Buy an iPad?

A lot of people are considering buying an iPad or Tablet right now because they are all the rage. So before you jump on the iPad bandwagon, read some of my pluses and minuses to buying an iPad.

File Naming Mistakes – Improperly Dated Files and How to Avoid Them

Windows date attributes (Date Modified, Date Created, etc.) are an inaccurate method for visual file searches. By preceding the file name with a properly formatted date code, you’ll save time and aggravation by finding files faster. Proper date coding enhances both visual file searches and Windows Search Utility.