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How Do You Know If You Have a Computer Addiction?

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, you discover a new twist on ordinary activities now deemed by society at large, to be an addiction. Computer addiction is a case in point. The term ‘addiction’ usually conjures up ideas pertaining to drugs or alcohol.

What Is a Chromebook?

A Chromebook is a personal computer which runs the Google chrome operating system (OS). They look like any other laptop but they are a pure cloud client. What I mean by cloud client is that the laptop consists of computer hardware which relies on cloud computing for application delivery.

Top Technologies of 2012: 3D Printers, Personal Space Travel and The Connected Living Room

We’ve heard well enough about how technology is expanding exponentially, but what nobody’s talking about is how we, as people… are not. The common man resents, fears and will rebel against a technocracy, so technology is at its best when it’s available and accessible to the common man. Like Prometheus stealing fire from the gods to give to the masses (minus the daily eagle tearing your liver out thing) the top technologies of the day place power over runaway technology into the hands of regular people.

How to Monitor Bandwidth Consumption

Bandwidth monitoring enables you to gain insight into the traffic that flows on your network. Using monitoring tools you can track the bandwidth consumption and track down bandwidth hogs.

E-Reader Reviews: Helping You Pick the Best Electronic Reader for You

E-reader reviews can now be easily found online considering the huge increase in the number of people who want to own this gadget. An e-reader or an electronic reader is actually one of the most popular devices in the market at present and can be defined as an advanced handheld gadget which makes it possible for you to easily access a wide array of e-books.

Pico Projectors – The Perfect Display Solution For People On The Move

Pico projectors are tiny data projectors no bigger than your smartphone that allow you to project images while on the move. This article discusses a number of the specifications Pico projectors are equipped with and the best applications for their use.

Web Hub For Software And Web Technology

My first reaction upon hearing about Nokia’s 41-megapixel 808 Pureview was that it was an absurdity, a perfect example of the very worst of consumer electronics, and a total miss. But the more I read, the better I understood that this phone isn’t just some freak of nature with a ridiculously high number attached to it. It’s just the slightly awkward first steps of a serious move by Nokia to differentiate itself.

Why Should I Backup My Site and How to Reduce the Risk of Being Hacked?

HTML Based websites are not hackable where as PHP Based websites if not written correctly can have weakness that will open the door to hackers. It is important to always update your PHP scripts and to backup your web content often using an offline storage method.

E-Readers for Kids – Things to Consider

More people are considering e-readers for kids because they want to provide their children an initial start on reading as well as encourage their kids to read better with a gadget which, in return, helps the kid to be extra technology proficient. Electronic products such as, iPods or e-book readers are turning out to be a necessary thing in our lives. There are lots of e-readers for kids out there these days, so knowing what kind of e-book readers are accessible and what will deliver the best results for your little one is a good starting point. Here are a few things to assist you narrow the choice.

Computers and Boomer Health

How can sitting in front of my computer make me healthy? Can a bicycle, barbell, or a balanced diet make you healthy without your effort? No but they can be used to assist in the process. The computer and the internet can combine to provide you with information, processes and motivation toward being healthier.