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Computer Slow to Boot Up? 5 Quick Fixes to Get You Up and Running

Are you pulling your hair out over your computers slow boot up? Do you hate helplessly watching that start up progress bar that never seems to progress? Me too. Here are a couple things that you can do to get your computer booting up like it did when it was new.

Does ReadyBoost Work?

In a word… you bet it does! OK, so that was more than one word, but I’m here to tell you that ReadyBoost is a win, and all you’re giving up is a little space on a flash drive. My personal tests have my computer starting 32% faster and feeling much more responsive when I have a lot of programs open at once. So, does ReadyBoost work? Definitely!

Why Is My PC Slow? 5 Things You Should Know To Speed It Up

Did you know that from the time you take your computer home it’s on a downhill slide? That’s right, that shiny new toy will slowly perform worse and worse until the day you replace it with a newer shinier model. So if you’ve been asking, “Why is my computer slow,” I’ll show you what you need to know.

Computer Running Slow? Vista Can Help

This may come as a surprise but Vista has several tools that can help you out if your computer is running slow. Don’t worry, they are all a snap to use, and in a few minutes you’ll be able to use them all.

Speed Up Your Computer With Defragmentation – Vista

Here’s a really simple way to speed up the performance of your Vista computer; Defragmentation. This method will improve the performance of any PC, at least it won’t hurt it, but this article will focus on defragmentation for Vista.

Speed Up Your PC – ReadyBoost Improves Windows 7 Performance

Did you know that there is a really simple way to speed up your Windows 7 PC called ReadyBoost? It turns out that this is a really cool name for something that’s really easy to implement.

0X0000001 Error Fix – How To Repair 0x0000001 Errors On Your PC

0×0000001 Error is a precarious Windows error that makes the terrible “blue screen” error, appear on screen; having this will bar you from running the computer. This particular error normally occurs during Windows startup. As you log in, the system will give a message of warning that it is having a problem with the inconsistent match of thread and APC or asynchronous procedure calls, in relation to the index figures of processes that went into critical state and those processes that had left this state.

Sims 3 Crashes – How To Fix This Problem For Good

  The Sims 3 is the most recent installment of the hugely popular simulation game that allows you to create and control your very own “Sims” family. This latest version of the game promises to be the most advanced with added new features that make it a lot more appealing and fun. However, this game continually experiences a large number of errors for players all over the world who are trying to use it in their Windows system.

How To Remove Windows Software Guard From Your PC

Windows Software Guard is a forged computer application that has been constructed by hackers to rip you off your money by tricking you into purchasing a bogus upgrade of this “program”. Regardless of it appearing very similar to legitimate software, it is definitely a criminal scam and it has to be eliminated from the computer system completely before it manages to extract vital information and harm the programs. This infection puts the activities and operations of the computer on hold and in great risk of internal damage.

Call Of Duty Black Ops Slow Multiplayer – How To Speed Up COD Black Ops Internet Mode

  Call of Duty Black Ops is one of the most popular and successful PC games that the market has ever seen. However, there has been a recent rash of reports of gamers experiencing problems while playing the game in their PCs. The usual complaint is that the game will start to slow down after just 15 minutes of runtime.