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Amazon Kindle 3 Wi Fi, 3G or DX? Which Ebook Reader Suits You Best?

The Amazon Kindle 3 which has revolutionized the way people read, comes in 3 different models. One of the most common questions you see people asking these days is “Should I buy the Wi Fi model, 3G model or the DX model of Kindle 3”?

How Computers Waste Your Time

Average human lifespan lies between 60-80 years and mainly depends on several factors such as geographical, genetic, lifestyle and foods. 60 years is not that much compared to the lifespan of a planet which normally last a few million years. However, have you realised the amount of time spent on meaningless activities in your life?

Cisco CIUS Tablet

With the success of tablet markets these days, consumers are eagerly awaiting yet another remarkable device from the networking giant Cisco, who are once again showing their ability to reach new areas of networking and always strive to provide the broadest array of products to their customers. The CIUS, set to release on May 31, is expected to target enterprising and video conferencing capabilities, rather than Web browsing, social networking, and application markets.

SoftXperience Note Everything – Pro-Android App Review

Since the dawn of the smartphone, I have been the type of guy to do everything with my phone. Last time I checked, that was the whole point. Not only do we make calls, we take pictures, record video, update our statuses, browse the web…heck, smartphones even have alarm clocks looking for a new job.

What Your IT Department Isn’t Telling You

Let’s face it, IT has become the backbone of business. Without computers, e-mail, and data, your business would come to a screeching halt. Technology enables companies to be more productive, communicate more effectively, and better serve their customers. As a business executive, you trust that your IT department brings the best and most cost effective solutions to the table. Is that what you are getting?

iPad 2 or Android Tablet?

iPad 2 and Android tablet PCs battle in the war of this up and coming market. Who will be victorious and which should you choose? Read on…

Speaker Cables and Wire

Everyone is left wondering whether buying expensive speaker cables is really worth the total cost that we are all paying for them? Is there really a difference between them all? Can you actually hear any difference?

Using Balanced Audio Cables

When it comes to getting to know and understand what professional equipment is with balanced audio cables and if they are really bringing the right amount of quality with them. With the professional equipment, there is now going to be a connector which is greater than before of course and that is because the cables can work better as well as having a greater range than before.

Digital Spy Camera – 6 Reasons Why

Photo cameras let us only click buttons and take pictures. You had to wait for a long time before the negatives were turned into images. This task took a long time and it was very tedious as well.

Picking Secure Passwords – Protecting Your Data and Preventing Identity Theft

Creating passwords for all of our different online accounts can seem tedious. However, not picking secure passwords means your information is more likely to be compromised. Bad passwords could even cause you to become the victim of identity theft. Keep your information safe by following these important password guidelines.