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The Real-World State of Spyware on Windows – “Windows Recovery”

Possibly 30% of the ad-hoc calls I receive in my computer repair business, relate to spyware or malware. These are best defined as follows: Spyware- software that hides itself away on your machine and watches what you do. Some examples: may watch you typing credit card numbers and funnel that information off to its creator. May watch what website you surf and send you targeted spam emails about those topics. Not what you’d want to happen!

Real-World Wireless Security

These days, it seems that every bit of technology comes in a wireless version, able to connect to your home network via WiFi: notebooks, printers, mobile phones, even home theatre. This article discusses security on WiFi networks, ie those that you can set up within your home or office to share your existing internet connection. In particular, we discuss the need for a secure admin password.

How Does Roku Work?

Are your friends and family watching movies and television shows for free on their Roku? Want to learn how to do it yourself? Roku is revolutionizing the way we watch video in our homes. More and more movies and television series are becoming available on Roku each and every day. Roku can essentially replace your cable television (and provide more streaming video options) for a fraction of the cost. Roku prices may go up as it becomes increasingly popular so don’t miss out. Read more to find out how to join the Roku revolution.

Building Reliability Through Onsite Computer Support

It is a reality of the modern Information Technology environment that an infrastructure failure is inevitable. The system can experience a variety of problems such as hardware malfunctions, security breakdowns within a network, corrupted software and a myriad of other computer issues.

Sixth Generation of Computers

The sixth generation of the computer has provided consumers with numerous advancements. Sixth generation computer users can accomplish tasks at a fraction of the time that first generation computer users needed to accomplish the same task.

Fifth Generation of Computers

Just like their human creators and developers, computers can be broken down into a series of generations, each with their own distinct technology and feature set. At the current time, many computer scientists break computing into four separate generations, with an exciting fifth generation currently on the horizon. This new generation of computing, which takes the form of so-called artificial intelligence, will be unlike its predecessors – noted more for its features than its hardware.

Why You Might Consider Using A Bluetooth Stereo Headset

There are a wide variety of audio headset products that you can use to listen to your music and other audio files on your computer or other devices today. One very popular product is the bluetooth stereo headset. There are some great reasons why you might consider using this type of headset over others available on the market.

Leather iPad Cases With Stand

Leather iPad cases are by far the most popular iPad cases and the perfect material to make a good iPad case. Qualities of leather are many like its durability, feel, touch and more importantly its look. Leather gives your iPad a business like and a classy look, there are also many different colors available. It also gives you iPad notebook like feeling and everyone likes it.

Power Supply for Your Security Gadgets

Today, it is more important than ever to have a power supply for each of your security gadgets. We live in a technologically advanced world where phones, computers and cameras are designed to be an extension of our hand. These devices help us navigate to places quicker, keep in touch with our loved ones and even check our email, all at the touch of our fingertips.

How to Safely Reinstall or Install DLL Files – Windows XP Missing or Corrupt DLL Files

When faced with a DLL error message that indicates a file is missing or corrupt, the quickest way to solve the issue will be to download a copy of the affected.dll file from an online DLL library and install it on the computer system. However, as much as this is a good and time saving solution, you may end up escalating the problem and putting your computer security at risk if you get it wrong. This article is about how to safely re-install.dll files in Windows XP.