How To Make Money Playing Video Games On YouTube

A Giant Leap for Quantum Computing

Today’s computers are the product of a digital revolution. When we talk about computing, we talk about an environment of ones and zeroes that add up to all the programs, graphics and communications that we use. Often we tease, it’s just ones and zeroes but that small concept has enormous implications.

Suspicious Email – Avoid Being a Victim by Following These 4 Steps

I recently received an email warning me that in 14 days I would lose my domain name. I was sure it must be from the company where I registered my domain name because they had all my personal information. Something made me hesitate to send them the $75 they asked for. Read the email I received, and see if you can find clues that this might not be a legitimate email. Then follow the four steps I took to avoid becoming a victim.

Using StumbleUpon As a Learning Resource

Most people are familiar with the possibility of using StumbleUpon to waste time. But many may not have considered the possibility of using it as a way to learn. In this article, I give some general background on StumbleUpon and provide a few ways to accomplish this.

Project Handover

This article covers the handover process for Project Managers who have to take leave during a projects life cycle. The time when to introduce replacements and a checklist of handover items to ensure a seamless transition between project managers for both internal and external customers.

Sixth Generation of Computers Bring Us Closer to HAL

It is amazing to look at all that has transpired in technology in relatively a blink of an eye. In a span of 71 years, about as long as many baby boomers have been alive, computers have gone from huge devices that took an entire room to one that can sit on your lap while you update your Facebook page. In more recent years, we have seen the birth and awkward infancy of artificial intelligence, also known as the sixth generation of computers.

Some Of The Coolest Gadgets for Men For 2011

Discovering gifts regarding geeky men could be a challenge. Here are some suggestions to get the best electronic devices for males in 2011. Apple iPad – the actual iPad is definitely an all-in-one device with regards to multimedia encounters.

Time Management in Projects

The importance in a project is the scheduling or planning of time, the negotiation of time and the time added to a project for contingencies, that is those factors which have not been specifically planned for but happen, which are beyond our control. Is the customer expected to pay for the unforeseen, you will find most expect a certain level of time added “or fat” as we say in the industry, but it has to be reasonable, so the negotiation of this aspect is very tricky.

Here’s a Quick Way To Avoid Cloud Computing Ripoffs

I am a big fan and user of cloud computing services/providers – of the hundreds that I have tried over the years, only a small percentage of them turned out to be shams or charlatans. Spotting a good or bad provider is a lot easier than you think and I want to share with you a few valuable tips that I have learned which can SAVE you a lot of time, heartache and money.

How to Uninstall Microsoft Exchange 2007

Microsoft Exchange is an essential tool for controlling the mail servers situated on a local area network. Exchange servers are sometimes required to be removed completely from the active directory, for example, when the server is old and needs to be upgraded, or when it needs to be migrated to a different server. We need to follow the following steps in order to uninstall the Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 • Before removing, assign all the tasks being performed by the current server to other servers, so that the network is not down.

Game Over for SMS?

SMS is still a very popular and in my opinion, reliable way of communicating with someone. However, since smartphones are so popular these days and data on phones is going trough the roof, services like WhatsApp and Ping have popped up.