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Amateur Slow Computer Repair – Do It at Home!

If you have a slow computer, repair might be necessary to make that PC run faster than ever. There are many times, however, when you may require better CPU speed, but do not have the means necessary to pay for the consulting necessary. Read on for information how.

Tablet Computers: Top 5 Must Have Accessories For The Galaxy Tab

The Galaxy Tab is the newbie in tablet computers and like the others comes with a number of accessories. This article discusses the top 5 must have accessories for your Galaxy Tab.

Firefox and Chrome Cache on RAM Drive – Fedora and Ubuntu

By storing browser cache to ram disk, you can improve browsing speed. Especially if you are surfing all day. Now a days modern computers are equipped with more than required ram. Part of this RAM can be used for caching purpose. Also this will spare you from cleaning disk clutter.

Step by Step Guide to Setup and Configure a Netgear Wireless Router?

Need help with Netgear wireless router setup? This must be your next search after having purchased a Netgear wireless router, which you are quite upbeat about connecting it to your laptop and PS3 to stream live video or play favorite media files. You may also not be interested in going through the entire installation process yourself and understanding each and every step as it is arduous and time consuming.

Call Recording – The Best Way to Record Phone Conversations on a BlackBerry

During its launch, the BlackBerry made quite an entrance with a remarkable percentage of America’s population. Learn about how it is possible to record phone conversations with this great smartphone.

A Look At The Flip UltraHD

It seems that everything is getting smaller but at the same time the quality and the results they produce get better. You have to admit that is pretty amazing and cool that a camera that fits in your pocket can record two hours of crystal clear HD video.

Personal Experience To Stop Windows 7 Freezing

Windows 7 is recognized as the most prominent and sophisticated version of Windows operating system that has been produced so far. However, despite its quality standards and high expectations, it has been reported to cause random ‘freezing up’ in some systems. The freezes are quite noteworthy because normally Windows 7’s features and settings are known for their efficiency and dependability.

Why Is This Computer Slow?

This article will answer the common question – Why is this computer slow? We will show you easy tips and tricks that will bring your slow and sluggish machine back to life!

How To Stop Google Chrome Crashes

Even though Google Chrome is one of the leading, widely-used and innovative Internet browsers that exist today, it is not invincible from certain shortcomings or faults in its system. This browser is considered an advanced application but it is vulnerable to getting corrupted or damaged. Users have testified to seeing many Chrome error messages.

R6034 Error Fix – How To Repair The R6034 Error

Runtime error r6034 usually develops when one of your programs attempts to use the “C runtime library”, but does not have the appropriate manifest to do so. Unauthorized use of the C runtime library is not allowed, and so the r6034error appears on your screen whenever this happens. This error could show up when you initially start up Windows, or after running a particular application that necessitates a C runtime library, for instance, Microsoft’s Visual Basic.