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Hard Drive Prices Skyrocket

By now you have heard that hard disk drive (HDD) prices are increasing rapidly because of widespread flooding in Thailand. The monsoons of 2011 brought factory production to a standstill. The human toll has been devastating as hundreds have perished and millions have been displaced. The World Bank estimates the financial loss at 45 billion dollars making this the fourth most costly disaster in history. Thailand is the second largest exporter of HDD producing about 40% of the world’s HDD. It is surpassed only by Singapore.

Gadgets That Help You Save The World

Find out how you can save the world by using gadgets that consume less resources and make efficient usage out of free power sources. In this article you’ll also discover how buying eco friendly gadgets save you money, make the world a better place and make your life easier. That’s a triple win!

The Pros and Cons Of a Tablet PC

  Ever since the launch of tablet PC’s, it has widely replaced the laptop as a consumer product. Most people are now going for the tablet PC’s depending on the reason they want to use it for. A tablet has many advantages over a laptop but has certain disadvantages too.

Avoiding Computer Viruses And How To Protect Yourself

First let’s look at what a virus is and what it is not. Let us look at Wikipedia’s definition…

Ways To Get A Free iPhone 4 S

What can be more exciting than getting your hands on a free iPhone 4 S. If the thought of this excites you then you really need to read on. The new iPhone 4 comes with the latest technology and some of the most advanced features out there.

Canon EOS Rebel T3i – A Brief, First-Hand Review

This article contains a brief, first-hand review on the Canon Eos Rebel T3i DSLR camera (also known as the Eos 600D). These points are from my personal point of view, so please do take the time time to read it.

Uninstall Mcafee Antivirus – How to Uninstall Mcafee Antivirus Efficiently and Safely

Do you wish to totally uninstall Mcafee Antivirus within minutes? Are you feeling deliberately frustrating by the question” How to uninstall Mcafee Antivirus?” If so, you should go on reading the article, may be you can find out an efficient method to fix your problem.

Android 4 Tablets

Android 4 is the latest version of Google’s Android Operating System. It has been code-named as the ‘Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS)’. The Android 4 OS has been designed by Google to be used in both cell phones and PC tablets.

Asus Zenbook UX31

Considered as one of the first laptops to conform to Intel’s Ultrabook specification is the Asus Zenbook UX31. This product has just been recently launched this year and it is competing with those products dominating the market right now. This product surely does give the Apple MacBook Air another tough competitor in the best luxury ultraportable title division.

Causes, Solutions for Wireless Internet Related Problems on All-In-One 200t PCs

An internet-enabled computer has become important for professionals as well as individuals today. Those who are always on the move and have to be connected all the time for their business and other engagements need such systems more than anything else. Nowadays the internet is the biggest repository of information and knowledge and every laptop user requires having a wireless Internet connection to his computer. It helps you remain connected via the web even while traveling. Although there are numerous Internet service providers who offer wireless internet connections but no one can be claimed free from any signal or network related issues. In such a scenario you can reap benefits if you have basic knowledge about the wireless related issues that might take place with your All-in-One 200t PCs.