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How Dependent Is Your Company On Business IT Support?

I started in the computer industry about 25 years ago, not long after the IBM PC arrived. The computer that arguably started the PC revolution. In my 25 years I have regularly heard that the next new innovation will drive down the cost of computing and Business IT Support.

Top 5 Security Threats for Active Online Social Networking Users

When you log on any social media website there are potential threats that can damage your system and steal important data. You need to be vigilant against these threats and be aware of the ways by which you can prevent these malicious actions. Let us learn about the top 5 security threats that active online social networking users face.

Choosing the Right Data Logger

Data Acquisition Unit generally referred to as Data loggers are any products you can use to keep data from realizing its atmosphere. Including many data acquisition products for example black box, control models, plug-in boards or serial communication systems designed to use a PC like a real time data recording system.

5 Easy Ways to Save Money With a Handsfree Headset

If you are running a successful business in an office or call centre, there is a good chance you do everything possible to increase your bottom line. You’ve taken the time to train your sales team and you’ve made sure your customer service is the best in the business. All of these steps will assist you in ensuring your business earns the money it needs to succeed, right?

Confused About Handsfree Headset Terms? Here’s a List of Common Definitions

Are you looking for a new handsfree headset for your office? As you search through the variety of headset available to you, you may be wondering how to choose the right one. This decision can be especially difficult if you don’t understand many of the various technical terms often associated with headsets.

How To Choose The Perfect Laptop

In order to choose a laptop with high performance, you should be looking for an Intel Core i5 processor (or better) and separated graphics card (such as ATI or nVidia). Integrated video cards like Intel HD 3000 won’t be the perfect solution if you are going to run heavy processes.

Thrive On It! Review of Toshiba Thrive Tablet

Thrive On It – The Ultimate (for real) Tablet by Toshiba. A tabelt for those who want something more like a laptop, less like a smartphone.

Using the Start Up Repair Feature in Windows 7

Start up issues are annoying but imminent nevertheless. This is the most frustrating situation that a user may encounter. Often this issue crops up without any warning signs. This may happen all of a sudden and like most users you tend to panic. Such issues are difficult to handle but one can use the Start up repair feature in Windows 7 for this. There are various reasons why you are facing startup related issues. These might be a corrupt OS, software compatibility or even system crash. Whatever the reason might be, Windows7 is capable of automatically running the startup repair feature.

How Would You Recover Deleted Data After a Guest Account Log-In, in Snow Leopard?

Snow Leopard is one of the new versions of Mac operating system offered by Apple. Mac OS X Snow Leopard is globally popular and known for its improved performance, efficiency as well as reducing memory footprints. Like all other devices the Snow Leopard Mac OS too has certain faults. The users of this operating system often face data loss issues due to various reasons. This may be caused by accidental deletion, corruption of hard drive or operating system etc. Data loss is such a serious issue that it has serious repercussions on your personal life and business. However, you need not worry much about it as you have a way out to recover your deleted data.

Deleting Your Photographs From Photo Stream on IOS 5.1

The latest version apple iOs5.1 has immediately caught peoples’ attention and the reasons are many. One such exciting feature is one that enables deletion of photographs from a photo stream. It is something that has come as a surprise element to most of the iOS users. It gives the user, freedom to delete pictures stored on a photo stream album.