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The iPad 2 Boasts Some Impressive New Features

In March, 2011, Apple released the new iPad 2. At that stage, according to The Economist, Apple had already sold over fifteen million iPads.

Kindle Wi-Fi Vs 3G: What’s Best For You?

Ever since its launch, Amazon’s Kindle line has been setting standards for eBook readers with clear, crisp displays and backed with an immense collection of books, audio books, and other content. The latest iteration of the line, Kindle 3, comes in two variants: a Wi-Fi only version, and a 3G version. So which Kindle is best for you? It is basically Kindle Wi-Fi vs 3G, the better model is going to be your final choice.

Why Have a ‘Back Up PC’?

The savvy PC user will always have failsafes and back up systems to prepare for instances where technology fails them. A little paranoia may not be an attractive trait, but it is one nonetheless that can be highly beneficial at times, and like the scouts always say – it is very important to make sure that you ‘ready for anything’. With PC repair this is no different and you need to be completely ready for situations where you might need to repair your computer.

Why Computer Tech Support Is A Business Investment

Computer tech support is any service that can provide guidance on how to solve PC problems, as well as helping you to make repairs to your computer. This is something that most of us will use on a personal basis and if you have a home computer then chances are that from time to time it will have gone wrong and you will have used computer tech support companies in order to handle the repairs for you. These companies are highly useful and everyone should have the number of computer tech support, however for a business they are more…

Android Honeycomb: The True Tablet OS

When Google first released the Android Honeycomb 3.0, the standard for the world of tablet OS models was redefined. Aside from offering optimal customization while still remaining compatible with a range of third-party apps, the Google strategy of taking the tablet world by storm has truly come to be.

Making The Most of Your iPad2

A super-sleek body that houses a lighting fast processor and dual video cameras, the iPad 2 is perhaps the most coveted tablet around. While technically not as advanced as a Macbook, the iPad is still a gadget that packs several valuable tools and features, most of which are grossly under-utilized. Here are some top tips to maximize your iPad usage.

The Best Way To Buy Digitalized Photo Frames

Digital photo frames are usually issued out as gifts to the people that we love. You can buy such frames as gifts for instance for your parents, spouse, sibling or a best friend to show them how much you appreciate them in your life.

Digital Photo Frames: New Media and Presentation Means

Everything is changing in technology and because of this all the people who deal with mechanical and electronic devices have to find a way to keep up. There is no way that people will go for something old when there is something new that does things faster and better.

Ways to Make Your Memories More Appealing With A Digital Photo Frame

These days, with the bad economy, having a computer in the home is optional, but there is still need to have the little finer things in life. For this reason, people are trying to make do with what they have and not to think about what they are missing out on.

Are Samsung 3D Glasses SSG-2200AR As Good As Blick Compatible 3D Glasses?

Active shutter means the lens on the 3D glasses closes and opens at a very rapid rate. Most viewers can’t tell the lens is opening and closing it happens so fast. Most Samsung and Blick 3D glasses use active shutter technology and this also means the glasses are powered by a battery.