Iconic Leading Men of the ’90s: Tim Allen and More

ET takes a trip down TV memory lane with the leading men of 1990s television: ‘Home Improvement’s Tim Allen, ‘Dallas’ and ‘Step by Step’ star Patrick Duffy and ‘The Nanny’s Charles Shaughnessy.

What To Look For When Buying A Pink Digital Camera

Buying a pink digital camera has become extremely popular over the last few years. The color may have been used to distinguish a particular product from its black or gray competitors. Now pink is often seen in digital hardware design and is considered a fashion statement. Some people find these color cameras to be a refreshing departure from the normal look.

New Nikon Point and Shoot Digital Camera – Nikon Coolpix S700

The Nikon Coolpix S700 may be the latest inside a series of new Nikon point-and-shoot digital cameras. It is probably the finest of the Nikon point-and-shoot digital models around today. Nikon point-and-shoot digital cameras come highly regarded as top quality equipment.

Canon Digital Point and Shoot Cameras – Canon PowerShot S3 IS

The Canon PowerShot S3 IS fits the needs of people who love the convenience of a digital point and shoot camera. The ease of operation makes this PowerShot S3 point and shoot camera perfect for getting great pictures.

Canon Digital Point and Shoot Cameras: PowerShot SD1 300 IS

If you would like to see just how easy pocket digital photography can be, take a look at the Canon point-and-shoot cameras. One of the main advantages to these point-and-shoot cameras is the ease of operation; you don’t have to change various settings in order to obtain excellent shots.

Tips to Apply With New Jelly Bean

We all are aware about the new Jelly Bean news. But less is known about this new software. Users world over are still not fully aware of how useful this software can be and what all can be done in relation to this new software update. Read this article to know about the coolest tricks that you can utilize…

Latest Apps Available for Apple Users

Every app enthusiast is on a look out for the latest available app either paid or for free. An Apple user is no different when it comes to looking for latest available apps. Whether it is about locating something new in your vicinity via app or just downloading an app for fun or info, checking the latest apps available is interesting indeed. Another reason for looking for apps is the facility that is provides to the user with latest restaurant reviews, gaming fun or for online adventure. No matter what the reason may be, Apple users are always up for downloading the most talked about apps.

Tips to Utilize Google Calendar for Scheduling Tasks

Ever wondered how to make settings in your Google Calendar to enable functionalities that will help you utilize it better? Here are a few tips that will help you gain better control of Google Calendar and create functions that will enhance your experience with it.

Last Resort Options for Research In Motion

What makes Apple so successful is that it isn’t afraid to take risks in the name of innovation. Giving more credence to consumers thinking of selling BlackBerrys and other smartphones in exchange for the iPhone, Apple has been sitting comfortably on the smartphone throne ever since its entrance into the market half a decade ago.

QR Code Versus PDF417

The popularity of 2D barcodes have erupted, and there are various types of barcodes in the market. The main goal of 2D barcodes is to store information and allow a scanning device to read whatever is contained in the barcode. But how do different barcodes differ? This article examines the QR code and PDF417 format as these are more widely used today and discuss some of its features and benefits for business and for the consumer.

An Introduction To Webinars

A “webinar” is a way to communicate with people by computer. You can have: a conversation, a brief lecture, or meeting. Therefore, the webinar can be a very useful method of communicating to you.