If you don’t believe in your products, you won’t sell

Recycling Your Mobile Phone – What You Need to Know

These days, almost everyone has a mobile phone. And new models come out so often, that older phones are being replaced every day. But have you ever thought about what happens to your phone when you throw it away?

Getting Rid of a Trojan Virus for Free

It is believed that a new computer virus is created every minute of the day. A computer virus is created with the intent of causing harm to the host computer of for stealing data. Depending on the ultimate aim of the virus, this small piece of code is classified. Among various types of virus that populate the computer world, the Trojan virus is probably the hardest to detect and remove.

A Wish List of Top 10 Future Inventions

Everybody in this world have a sort of ‘presently impossible’ wish list that they hope will be true one day. In case of technology, here are some interesting ideas that can bring about a sea of change in the world we live. Needless to say, these are just ideas yet but some scientists and innovators have already started working on them.

Google Cloud Connect: Towards Reaching the Sky

Two of the biggest names in the computer world nowadays are Microsoft and Google. Each of them is a leader in making progress and advancement in their respective fields. For most people who do business transactions in the internet, Google Docs is such a valuable tool.

Demystifying Computer Repair

Even with proper security and careful usage, computer crashes and errors can happen. When they do, you may be tempted to take your computer to a professional to have it serviced, being uncomfortable with checking things out for yourself. While there is nothing wrong with this, computer repair is expensive and, often, you can fix your PC yourself.

Transferring MP3 and Audio Tracks To Your Android Phone

When the Android platform was first launched by Google, T-Mobile was the first handset to release the very first G1 Android smartphone back in 2008 and its sole purpose was to be a major challenger to the iPhone. Android platform itself boasts of an exciting complex OS that completely improves the user’s internet browsing experience.

IT Support Advice For Data Backup And Disaster Recovery

These days we are all so dependent on computers that we just can’t do without them. If you do have a flood, fire, robbery or some other kind of disaster you can always buy new computers, but the data is uniquely yours.

What Should I Know About Buying a Memory Card for a Digital Camera?

If you plan to use the camera only to take pictures of your products, memory card specifications will matter less to you than to someone who takes the camera on the road. After all, you’re shooting in reasonably good conditions: you don’t have to worry about weather or other problems beyond your control. Even so, it pays to understand the important specs.

Notebook Shopping the Smart Way

There’s a wide range of laptops or notebook computers that cater to different needs of users. Using your own requirements and personal preferences is the best way to shop for a notebook.

Resolving Dongle Problems With The Help Of Network Support

Dongle is a hardware device that is connected to a computer to run a software in secure mode. The PC support for resolving the problems of dongles is discussed in this article.