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Do Not Flip Out When the Blue Screen of Death Error Occurs

Yes, don’t go crazy when your computer inadvertently closes everything and shows a blue screen with white-text-ed error details on it. The ‘Blue screen of Death’ (that’s how people like to call it) is a common Windows OS error that when occurs forces the computer to shut down and displays a STOP error screen, causing data loss or severe OS problem among other critical issues. What Causes BSOD error?

How To Make Windows 2011 Run Faster

If you want to speed up your 2011 Windows system, there are a few things you can do today to improve its speed and reliability. We’ve found that although there is a lot that can be done to help make sure that Windows is able to run as smoothly as possible, there’s one particular part of your computer that’s can be repaired to help make sure that your computer is able to run as smoothly as possible. This tutorial is going to show you how to resolve the problems that you’ll have on your system – boosting the speed and…

iPad 2 – Reviews, Information

The iPad 2 has receive a lot of attention in the news recently. This article contains some opinions that some people have had on the device.

Windows Error 1714 Fix Tutorial

The Windows error 1714 problem is a problem that’s caused by the way in which your system will not be able to process the settings & options which will are required to install software on your computer. Although this error is a huge issue that’s preventing your PC from being able to install a program, it’s actually caused by a very simple issue, which can be fixed by using the tutorial outlined on this website. The 1714 error will show in this format: Error 1714.

Hidserv DLL Error Fix Tutorial

Hidserv.dll is a file that’s used by the “HID Audio Service” of your PC, which is a high definition audio system that all Windows computers use to help make your computer run as smoothly as possible. Although hidserve.dll is continually being used to help make your computer load up a number of vital options for the likes of games an media playback…

How To Fix Windows Error 1309

Error 1309 will be a problem with the permissions of your PC, and how your computer will not be able to correctly process a number of important files that will allow it to run. The error is going to show when you use the likes of Call Of Duty & a number of other important applications on your system. The error is basically the result of a number of important files either becoming damaged or corrupted, preventing your PC from being able to access the files and settings which will allow it to operate.

MS Removal Tool 2.20 Removal Tutorial

MS Removal Tool 2.20 is a newly released virus infection which is currently pillaging computers all over the World. It works by installing itself onto your computer, and then trying to get you to purchase a new upgrade to the program by showing you a number of fake anti-virus scanning results.

How To Fix Windows 1719 Error

The 1719 error on Windows is a big problem that’s going to be caused by your PC’s inability to correctly process a number of important settings for the Windows Installer application on your computer. We’ve found one of the biggest causes of this error is that your system will be unable to read any of the files and settings that it needs to process an install, and as a result it will just lead your system to run slower and with a lot of problems. To resolve this error, you have to be able to repair any of the problems…

How To Make Your PC Faster Without Causing Errors

You’re a computer beginner, huh? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. I’m a computer technician by trade and learnt all that I know now when I went to college to study this information.

How To Make Portal 2 Run Faster In Co-Op Mode

If you’re experiencing problems with Portal 2 which prevents it from running quickly, it generally suggests that you have a number of “speed limiting” problems with Windows, which will prevent the application from running at full speed. If you’re seeing problems with Portal 2, you have to be able to repair any of the problems and issues that it may have, by cleaning out all of the issues that typically cause Windows to slow down. The good news is that we’ve got some tricks to speed up Portal 2 co-op mode, which can be done by following the steps on…