Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson Enjoy Movie Date in Staten Island

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson enjoyed a date night in Staten Island following ‘Saturday Night Live’s last-minute decision to send the cast and crew home. They were spotted out at the movies with Scott Disick. The trio later grabbed some Italian food at a local restaurant. The night out comes a little over one week after the reality star filed legal documents to be declared single amid her ongoing divorce with Kanye West.

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Sony VAIO SVD132190X Guide – A Look at What This Touchscreen Ultrabook Offers to Users

Anybody looking for an ultrabook with touchscreen capabilities will find everything they need with the Sony VAIO SVD132190X. It’s an ultrabook that comes with everything from 4th generation processors to a full high-definition display. Online shoppers will find that it’s available in white and carbon black. Sony is good when it comes to giving consumers the option to personalize their PCs.

How to Avoid Downloading Malware Infected File?

The biggest challenge that comes across to anyone who attempts to download any file or program is the threat of malware. Malware is not only malicious software that harms your system but also attempts to create a gateway for hackers for easy entry into your system. This results in data stealing and tampering. But threats cannot stop users from downloading files because it is necessary. However, the simple solution to this complex problem is that you need to be careful while you are downloading.

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There are plenty of ultrabooks available to consumers these days, but none stand out like the Sony VAIO SVP132190X pro series. This particular model is a very light. It’s available in carbon silver and carbon black. It’s a sleek looking notebook that can be carried around everywhere. If you’re looking for a portable notebook, this Sony VAIO is a great choice.

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If you’re looking for a medium size laptop that can be customized, the Sony VAIO SVF15A190X is a good choice. It comes with a number of great features that are not only customizable, but expandable. You can personalize it a bit as well by choosing from three colors: steel black, silver, and pink.

Ease Of Use and Convenience Brings USB Wired Adapters Back In The Game

The digital world is quickly moving towards wireless connection for all gadgets but even in a Wifi dominated era, the USB 2.0 10/100Mbps wired network adaptor has lots of benefits for tablets, notebooks and Personal Computer users. Firstly is that they are very convenient due to the compact sized designs offered out there besides featuring a fashionable design.

Dell XPS 18 Touch Review – An All-In-One Touchscreen With a Neat Design and Great Technology

The Dell XPS 18 Touch is the lightest and thinnest all-in-one in the world. If you want to keep it on a desk, you’ll find that it won’t take up much space at all. It’s also portable, so you can take it on vacation with you if you want. While it’s certainly no replacement for an actual notebook, you can still pack it up and haul it if you need to. It offers a long battery life and full high-definition display. The 18.4-inch touchscreen has a resolution of 1920×1080.

All New MacBook Air With Enhanced Features

MacBook Air is known to be the most sleek, thin and stylish product launched by Apple. It is undoubtedly the most sought after technology users worldwide. This product seems to be the most innovative when it comes to notebook design. The latest news that came across about this notebook is that the 11 and 13-inch MacBook Air are updated with enhanced features and technology. Apple has announced the updates in the WWDC. It is said to be powered with 4th Gen processors, enhanced battery power, quick flash storage and larger storage space.

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One of the most powerful desktops on the market these days is the Dell XPS 8700. With its superfast processors and 16 GB+ of memory, it can handle any task efficiently. You can do several tasks at once without any problems. Even though it’s built as a powerhouse for multimedia and entertainment, you can still do work on it as well. You can do anything you want on it for that matter, and it will be able to handle it.

Commonly Broken Parts of an iPhone

iPhones should be viewed as an investment. Follow these tips and tricks on how to keep your iPhone in optimal working condition.

Alienware 18 Review – Dell Laptop With Quad-Core Processors, Dual Graphics, and Great Technology

If there’s one laptop that deserves to be called the most powerful, it’s the Alienware 18. Dell has done a great job with the construction and customization of this laptop. It’s made out of metal materials for durability. Everything from the chassis to the hinges is strong. You can open and close the lid up to 20,000 times before the hinge starts to wear out. The components and technology are powerful and advanced enough to keep you gaming for years.