My Thoughts On Funnel Hacking Live 2021… And What Happened

Nokia 808 PureView With 41mp Camera and Much More

The latest buzz doing rounds in the technology market is about Nokia 808 PureView. Even though this product has a Symbian based platform but it does offer the user with good camera quality, sound and amazing battery life. However, these are not the only reasons to purchase this product there is much more. Let us find out what is it about Nokia 808 PureView that will attract the user to purchase this mobile.

Choosing The “Perfect!” TV

Is bigger really better? Does size really matter? Should I always go as big as I can afford?

Network Security 101

Networks and security go hand in hand, you should not have one without the other. Hackers, malware and even neighbors all want access to your network resources and a free ride on your wireless, and because a lot of people still think technology is super hard, they don’t bother to secure their network, or they rely on an inexperienced friend to do it. Below you can find a few ways to secure your home network.

Who Do You Trust? Website Security Certificates

We can feel even better about trusting online banking and shopping if we better understand the Internet’s definition of trust. On the Internet, trust is established by an organization’s reputation but, more importantly by their web site’s security certificate.

3 Reasons for Slow Internet That You Can Do Something About

A slow internet connection nowadays is a major inconvenience simply because we use our internet connections for so much from communicating to watching the latest movies or catch up television. A slow internet or no internet connection can be a pain and can sometimes be difficult to diagnose. There are many reason for a slow internet connection and not all of them are something you can resolve for example:

Make Windows Boot Faster – How To Take Back Control

Your new computer will slow down over time. This articles tells you how to make Windows boot faster.

Isolating Earbuds – Making the Best Quality Sound

For those who love quality sound, few things come close to replicating the sounds that isolating earbuds can. No matter how much money you sink into a high tech MP3 or other mobile listening device, the end result depends on the earbuds. Even if you are listening to music on your PC or laptop to make new electronic music tracks it is vital that your earphones get the job done for you.

Why Is My Computer Not Booting?

You may only see a blank screen with no Microsoft Windows logo or your computer manufacturer’s sign indicating that something is wrong with your computer. It happens with most of us and you are just not alone.

What Is So Impressive About the MacBook Pro Retina?

The MacBook Pro Retina Display is the latest buzz doing rounds in the technology market. The most talked about features that one can come across immediately are the thin, stylish body made of aluminum, excellent speakers, and of course, the best is Retina Display. Interestingly the most impressive of its features is the amazingly high resolution. However, these are not just the impressive features there is more; let us find out what more this new MacBook has.

LG Optimus 4X HD Review

LG has come out with the latest handset by the name of Optimus 4XHD. Reportedly, this product is designed to compete against Sony and HTC Smartphone. However, the majority of the Smartphone users are after iPhone that has effortlessly captured the attention of majority of technology lovers, so LG launching a product is more like a big gamble. Then, technology is all about innovation and bringing something new to the market. So, what exactly LG is offering to the technology lovers.