Olivia Jade SCORES Mom Lori Loughlin’s Dance Skills in TikTok Video

Olivia Jade rates her mom Lori Loughlin’s dance skills in a rare TikTok appearance since the college admissions scandal. The YouTuber also scores her older sister Bella Giannulli dance skills and other family members.

13 Tips to Do Common Tasks Faster in Windows 7

This article aims at showing 13 tips for doing common tasks faster in Windows 7 which will help you to save your time and work more efficiently. For example, the Windows key + left /right arrow allows you to move the current windows to the half left/right of the screen.

Is MP3 Still Needed?

When MP3 was created back in the old days when storage was expensive and limited, it was a brilliant idea. It allowed for music to be compressed so that lots could be stored in a small amount of space meaning that you could have a decent amount of music to listen to from your computer or your personal music player. It also meant that music could be transferred from one device to another quicker than it would be possible using the uncompressed audio file. Downloading music become much easier as it massively reduced the download times.

IOS 6 Tips for Sending Message, Declining Call and Facetime

Recently the latest OS version iOS 6 has came out in the technology market. The iOS 6 has many functionalities that help enhance user experience and define day-to-day activities easily. This OS is capable of enabling many functionalities that affect the life of a user directly, for example when we talk about the ability to decline call while setting a message reminder it helps a lot. For instance, you are busy with some other work and immediately you get a call which you cannot attend at the moment then you will have to put if off but at the same time it is essential to call back. Now with iOS 6 you can set a reminder. Similarly other functionalities like sending a predefined message to caller and utilizing the functionality of FaceTime can be enabled. Let us learn the tips to utilize these features.

Transfer Android Data to iPhone

The latest version of iPhone is up for grabs, you too would like to get yourself an iPhone5 so that you can get the latest technology. However, the most essential thing that immediately comes to the mind is that of transferring files and data to the new device. if you are already an iPhone owner then it is relatively easier to make the data transfer however if you are an owner of another device say, an Android powered device then things become rather complex to handle. Making a shift in upgrading your device is easier than making shift from entirely different technology to another.

The Top Benefits of Employing Online Ticketing System

The internet era has drastically changed the way of marketing and selling products and services, particularly the simple and minute information based products and services, which are hardly seen before purchasing. As a result, the online market is expanding on an increasing rate which has also influenced the event industry, significantly.

Microsoft Surface Tablet VS iPad – Let The Battle Begin

Ever since the Apple iPad was created, several other companies created similar products. A new product called the Microsoft Surface Tablet is more competition for the original tablet. However, both these products have their pros and their cons, that’s why I decided to compare the iPad and the Surface tablet.

Benefits of Online Tech Support for Users

Online technical support is widely opted by many computer users. It can help you run your PC smoothly so that you can perform maximum tasks without any trouble.

What Is A SSID?

One often has to deal with the term while working with wireless networking as it is used for identification purposes. To be exact, the SSID or the Service Set Identifier is the alphanumeric key that can consist of up to 32 characters (maximum) and serves to uniquely identify a wireless LAN. The idea behind the SSID identification is to prevent unwanted wireless users from accessing the Local Area Network setup. All devices must be configured with the same SSID in order for them to communicate within a particular network. In other words, SSID is the name given to a WLAN.

IOS 6: The Positive and The Negative Aspects

iOS 6 arrived recently to enhance the functionality of iPhone and other Apple devices. It is capable of providing you with numerous features that help in making tasks easy. However, like any other OS this iOS 6 too comes with both positive as well as negative aspects. Let us first find out what is positive about this new OS and the reasons that speak for the negatives that this OS has.

What Memory Card Do I Need to Buy?

Names can be confusing – Memory cards, flash drives, USB sticks, SD cards, external hard drives. What do they all mean, and which device is right for your particular needs?