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Project Cost

Project cost is made up of many different components, covering the following, the cost benefit analysis, normally located in the Statement of Work, cost constraints, cost controls within matrix structures and within project driven structures. As project managers we are constantly asked for our cost estimates when pricing a project, remember to always add contingency when estimating a projects cost, within my projects 20% is added to the overall amount to cover for any issues.

How to Set Up an IP Dome Camera for a House

Computers nowadays are relatively common in our houses, so why not seize the advantage of PC configuration and IP dome cameras for installing surveillance in your house? For instance, you can install a small IP camera to monitor your house cleaner or your babysitter. You can also install an IP dome camera to watch over your driveway or even your garden, so you can observe your kids play outside from your house office or anywhere in the house using an internet connection. IP cameras are reasonably priced these days and can offer peace of mind while one is in the house.

Talk Like a CIO

The Chief Information Officer (CIO), sometimes called Chief Technology Officer (CTO), coined in the early 1980s is a rather recent addition to the corporate governance structure. It makes sense that the position coincided with the technology explosion as companies implemented IT to gain competitive advantage. Arguably, what was once IT competitive advantage is now essential for daily operations. Even so someone has to evaluate IT investment to be sure that it serves the organization by providing benefits at an affordable cost. Without that oversight, technology projects would be rapidly become science projects that few, other than the IT department, could understand.

Using IP Dome Cameras to Monitor Various Rooms From One Station

Most digital home IP dome camera systems let you watch footage feed from all surveillance IP dome cameras on the monitor on one PC station. However, you must have a number of different digital security cameras set in the different rooms to access the footage from various rooms on the PC monitor. These IP cameras can either link via USB cables or via a wireless router.

4 Tips About Windows 7 Password Everyone Should Know

If you’ve just updated to Windows 7 from Windows Vista or Windows XP, please remember to add a strong Windows password to protect your PC from authorized users. The following are 4 simple tips if you intend to set a Windows 7 password.

Exposed! The Truth About IT Training

The economy has had a devastating effect on standards and ethics everywhere. No where has it been more noticeable than in the immoral world of IT training. Owners lock themselves away and release the most vile and greedy subordinates to run their day to day operations. Some claim to be passionate about learning while their students/clients are shortchanged, their instructors are mistreated, their sales staff are pressured while they rake in the cheddar.

5 Effective Tips to Avoid Computer Repair Problems

At some point of time, every modern human being faces computer repair problems. The nature of the problem may be minor like a computer freeze or major like a crashed or broken hard disk. A person has also options to fix the problem himself or avail the repair services offered by the hardware professionals.

5 Motorola Xoom Cases

The Motorola Xoom is a wonderful piece of technology. Not many tablets today have the same caliber of the Xoom, which is precisely the reason why you should provide utmost care for this device.

Why Should Event Planners Go for Online Conference Registration?

Conferences are among the most important events that the corporate houses need to organize in the present day. Different companies organize conferences of various sizes. The number of potential attendees to a conference is, in most cases, directly proportional to the size of the event. One of the most important activities included while managing the details of a conference is the registration of the attendees. The process of conference registration helps the organizers to get an idea of how many invitees may turn up for the event and so on. Besides, there can also be a number of information about the potential attendees that the conference organizer may need to know. For this, the organizers, while designing the page for online conference registration, can include a questionnaire that the registrants will need to fill up. These questions should cover the information that the organizer needs to know about the registrants.

What Would You Use A Remote Power Switch For?

We have seen over the past couple of year the improvement in technology for remote power switches. Some are a little technical to setup but once done can make a big difference to the people using them. With this in mind I want to put together a little list of where these could be used and actually what people are doing with them once they purchase them?