Prince Harry and Meghan Markle DEBUT Daughter Lilibet in Christmas Card

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle show their daughter, Lilibet Diana, for the first time in the family’s 2021 Christmas card. The royals have not shown their daughter since Markle gave birth to her in June. The holiday card also features their 2-year-old son, Archie!

Lenovo IdeaPad Y500 – An Awesome Notebook With Intel Core I7 Processors, NVIDIA Graphics, and More

If you are interested in a good laptop that can handle high-performance multimedia and graphics, then look no further than the Lenovo IdeaPad Y500. This laptop offers processing power and graphics that can handle intensive applications. It’s an average sized model with a 15.6-inch display. You can use it as a desktop replacement or a mobile companion. The battery life is approximately three hours.

Lenovo G780 Review – Find Out About This Laptop, Its Features, Configuration Options, and More

The Lenovo G780 is a laptop that comes with great graphics solutions, advanced processing power, and more. You can expect to hear quality sound coming out of the speakers. Use this laptop for all of your entertainment needs, and you won’t be disappointed.

Apple’s iPad Mini: Advantages for Business

Apple has been far ahead of the game in terms of technological advances for the past decade. Not that Windows and other tech companies are obsolete, but Apple has a market share that gives Bill Gates nightmares. One of the company’s newest releases, the iPad Mini, isn’t only a big hit amongst the usual suspects, but businesspeople are also flocking to this device in droves.

How to Help Prevent Junking Up Your Computer

My technicians and I work on a lot of client computers. Our goal is to always have those computers that we support working in their tip top shape. Sometimes what our computer support team discovers can really slow down the computer, cause computer issues and errors and can just clutter the computer screen. This article helps address some of the issues we find and shows how to correct or prevent them from happening.

Do Laptop Cooling Pads Really Work?

With laptops becoming more powerful, and therefore hot, with each refresh, laptop cooling pads have been getting increasing attention from consumers – However many are still on the fence as to whether laptop cooling pads actually work, or whether a cushion or a hardcover encyclopaedia could do the same job. Keep reading to find out whether cooling pads are worth shelling out $30 for!

Easy Tips to Prolong Battery Power of Your Samsung Galaxy S III

A Smartphone like Samsung Galaxy S III has many added advantages including technologically advanced features and user utility. However, even a powerful phone like this often suffers battery drain while on the go. It becomes essential while travelling to keep a check upon battery usage for prolonged battery power. The trick is to work around with the UI to improve the battery efficiency, customize home screen and other such things.

Ice: A New Age Browser by Opera

Oprah Mini has long been a default browser to many mobile phones. Over many years, it has been the default browser to many phones until the new era with touch devices arrived. Considering the increasing touch enabled devices, Opera Software has introduced a new browser called Opera Ice. This new browser is said to be the new age browser and is at par with the changing technological trends. It is still being developed but is rumored to be available for Apple products. Let us find out more about this browser and its new additions.

HP Envy X2: Owner’s Pride, Neighbor’s Envy?

HP has recently jumped into tablet production by introducing the Envy x2. This convertible tab weighs 1.5lbs that can be attached to a keyboard dock. The other version is a 3.1lbs weight tablet with an easily detachable tab. The convertible tabs by HP costs $849, which seems to be higher than other tablets, but it also includes a keyboard. Additionally, it has a dual powered battery capable of 12 hour video streaming. This makes it a powerful tablet that has increased battery power as compared to other tablets. The tab has the ability to accommodate third-party software.

3 Tips On When To Buy Green Laser Pointers

Looking for some help on when to buy green laser pointers? Here we look at 3 critically important aspects to consider before making any purchase.

VHS Tape – 6 Ways It Dies Before Converted to DVD

Your VHS tapes have a shelf life. The article shows you 6 bad things that can happen to your tapes. The solution is to convert your VHS tapes or VCR tapes to DVD before they rot.