Reaction to the First Episode of The Book of Boba Fett + More! (Daily Nerd News)

Spider-Man: No Way Home writers break silence on “plot holes” PLUS– #BookOfBobaFett first episode discussion, The Rock comments on Fast and Furious return, and @ckcomedy with a bunch more for the final show of the year on the Daily Distraction / Edited by @granitemouse

How to Deal With Kernel 32 Dll Errors?

Do you feel annoyed because of the Kernel32.dll error messages when you open programs or applications? If you have no idea about them at the beginning, you may be scared by the Kernel32.dll error messages that pop up on your computer screen. To deal with kernel32.dll error, you need to know what Kernel32.dll is first.

iPhone 5, Managing Expectations

With the announcement of the iPhone 5 – as well as other “magical” devices – Apple, the genius marketeers that they are, have consistently managed to build a media frenzy before every Keynote Event. Before Apple Keynotes involved a congregation of share and stakeholders, gathered around a presentation. Apple and Steve Jobs transformed that into the show that it is today. Steve turned these presentations into a genuine occasion, and an excitement formed around their products never before seen within the early IT marketplace.

Sony Steps Into the Action Camera Market

Sony is the latest household brand to venture into the action camera market. So what can we expect from the highly anticipated Action Cam?

Firefox Security Add-Ons

In this article we are going to look at the best security add-ons for Mozilla Firefox. All the add-ons are free and available from the official Firefox website.

It Takes Two: How To Keep Your iPad Screen Clean

Technology has a way of putting people into an ever vigilant mode. Everyone is more conscious of their privacy, security settings, keeping up their social contacts, updating oneself through real time information, and most especially maintain their beloved gadgets.

How To Stay Safe When Browsing Online

This article will look at how you can stay safe when online. We will discuss a number of different tips for browsing online whilst maintaining maximum security.

HDMI Cable – Getting Started

This article explores HDMI cables. We take a look at their many uses.

How Can I Change My Homepage?

This article will look at how to change your internet homepage. It will cover Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

How To Secure Your Wireless Network

This article is going to look at how to secure your home network. We will take a look at the different methods used to stay private and safe.

Great AntiSpy 2012 Virus Removal

It’s important to educate yourself on the new virus Grea Antispy 2012. It is a new online virus that needs to be removed as soon as possible. Read this article for more.