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Apple Earphones With Remote and Mic

The Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic can be used for listening to music and podcasts, hands-free telephone conversations, as well as VoIP, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, GTalk, and other types of audio communication. Keep reading for more info!

Nokia E5 – Slim QWERTY Keypad Mobile Phone With Wi-Fi 3G And GPS

Nokia E5 is a Slim mobile phone featuring QWERTY Keypad. It is a good connectivity mobile sporting Wi-Fi, 3G And GPS. It is the successor of the popular Nokia E72, Nokia E63, and Nokia E71 mobile phones.

Apple Prepares 3 Versions of iPad 2 for 2011

In January Apple plans to release its iPad 2 onto the markets. 3 versions of the iPad 2 will support WI-FI, UMTS and CMDA. Apple hopes to stay ahead of the competition while bringing in more profits with its latest upgrade of the Apple iPad 3G.

External Hard Drive Spinning and Slowing My Computer Down

Is your external hard drive spinning like a hamster’s wheel at midnight? Tired of wasting time staring wide-eyed at the screen while waiting for that blankety-blank external hard drive to stop its mysterious activities? I did these two things to stop mine dead in its tracks.

Download Ethernet Controller Driver Windows XP

If you’re looking for the best place to download Ethernet controller driver Windows XP than you will probably run into a lot of frustration and false leads. The fact that there are so many different drivers out there and the fact that deciding on the exact driver you require is an extremely precise process just further complicates the process and makes it seem impossible. Read on to see the best way to make sure you always get the exact drivers that you require.

The Best Internet Radio Device

There are many models and choices to choose from when it comes to an internet radio device. The top brands bring together speed, quality, and durability. The more expensive the unit doesn’t necessarily mean that the internet radio device is going to perform better or get better receptibility.

Will Google eBooks Render the Kindle Obsolete?

On December 6, 2010, Google heated up competition in the e-Book market with the introduction of Google eBooks and Google eBookstore. What does this mean for the other e-Readers out there?

Kindle to Keep Soaring?

The Kindle e-book reader was one of the most popular presents for Christmas 2010 and the top-selling lists for Amazon are dominated by e-books. Yet, there are still those who think the Kindle has had its day.

Book Lending Gets a Kindle Makeover

Lending a favorite book to a friend is a time-honored tradition that has just received a twenty-first century makeover. Amazon now allows Kindle users to lend books for up to 14 days to their friends before automatically being returned to their virtual bookshelves.

Wifi Internet Radio: Say Goodbye to Satellite

Satellite radio was an absolutely amazing invention, and revolutionized the way that the world listens to the radio. The most obvious benefit is no commercials, but the downside is the monthly fee. This problem has recently been fixed by the introduction of a new invention: wifi internet radio.