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How to Fix a Blank Screen

There are instances where laptop or desktop users boot up only to find a blank screen facing them. There are several reasons for this to occur. This article explains the likely causes of a blank screen and offers solutions to resolve this problem.

Windows 7 Demystified – The Simple and Easy Guide to the Windows Desktop

A completely simple, easy-to-understand, plain-English guide to the Windows 7 desktop. Explains the basics of desktop wallpaper, buttons, icons, recycle bin, etc.

Why the FTC’s Do Not Track Proposal Is Actually a Very Bad Idea

I’ll admit it – I love personalized technology. And I willingly share a lot more information about my activities than most Internet users. But I do so because I like the benefits – sites like Amazon suggest items that I actually like enough to buy, Google advertises products I find interesting, my new phone automatically installs my apps and text messages and generally, my technology experience feels like it was made for me, with my likes and interests.

Digital Camera – What to Look For When Going on an Adventure

Traveling has never been so good if you carry a digital camera wherever you go. It permits you to go home while bringing some unforgettable memories with you. However, in choosing a camera it is practical to choose the one that will not be a bit of a hassle. Here are some guidelines on what to look for in a digicam if you are going on an adventure.

How to Select the Best Tablet PC

Tablet PC is a combination of a laptop and PDA that provides both convenience and reliability. It is considered as one of the best devices for business professionals, students and people, who wanted to be online, watch movies and read emails even without access to a desktop or laptop.

History and Overview of Carbonite Online Backup

Carbonite online backup is a program that is only installed once onto your computer and then has you set up an initial backup. Once that easy step is complete, the hard work is done. Carbonite online backup then continues to run in the background of your computer protecting any and all files. As long as your computer is on, Carbonite will be working. Best of all, Carbonite will not slow your machine down one bit. In fact, you won’t even know it is there.

Choosing the Best All In One Desktop

If you are dealing with a limited space, but are looking for a high-powered computer, then you might want to consider an all in one desktop. This computer doesn’t have a towering metal box, so you can say that this is a combination of a desktop and a laptop. Although you cannot bring it anywhere unlike laptops, it has a power comparable to desktops without taking too much space.

Digital Camera – Best Cameras for the Year 2011

Nowadays, taking pictures are no longer associated with professional photography. It is more of a hobby, an everyday thing that is done almost every minute. This year, several camera companies released their newest models, which comes with more advanced features and stylish designs. Take a look at the list below and decide which camera is the best for you.

Top Tips for Troubleshooting Power Supply and Memory Problems

Troubleshooting computer hardware problems can be quite complicated especially if you don’t have enough knowledge on computer repair. There are various PC problems faced by users. New computers may work perfectly at first but old ones tend to show signs of wear and tear and experience plenty of troubles.

Converting Your Documents to HTML

If you are in search to find means and ways to convert your documents to HTML, then there is no need to worry. It is because there many ways though which a person can do this conversion. If you think you will have to do this conversion regularly, then the best way is to learn HTML.