Should you buy Secrets Trilogy? My Honest Opinion

The HTC Phone and Cases

So, if you are reading this then undoubtedly you must have a vested interest in the HTC brand of phones and that is most definitely not a bad thing at all. HTC cell phones seemed to me to have appeared out of no where at the beginning of last year, now I’m not always totally up to date with technology by I was certainly wondering where this company had come from.

How To Fix Memory DLL Errors

Memory.dll errors are caused by either this file being unreadable on your PC, or Windows having some sort of issue with its settings. One of the big problems we’ve found with memory.

How Keeping Your Computer Updated Can Affect Performance: Easy Tests

Most pc’s are OK here and most have the automatic updates set as the default setting. However, this setting is sometimes changed accidentally or by someone not realizing the importance. If some of the updates listed are “critical” but your computer has not been able to install them for some reason, you may have a more serious situation.

How To Stop World Of Tanks Crashing To The Desktop

World Of Tanks crashing to the desktop is a problem which even the most advanced systems have to contend with. Although this issue is a pain the ass for anyone looking to play this epic game (and yes, I actually play it too), the good news is that you *can* fix it very easily. This tutorial is going to show you the way to resolve the World Of Tanks problem on your system for good.

GPS for Cars – What to Look for in a Car GPS System

Navigating is the most important feature of a car GPS device. You need to find one which has a reputation of being reliable. A good device has an up-to-date map and must be able to give accurate directions. It must receive GPS signal within six seconds after powering it on.

10 Tablet Must-Have Features

If you are looking to buy a tablet soon, it is advisable that you first do your homework and not be overly influenced by marketing hype. There is no arguing that Apple’s products are some of the best available, but you must first decide if it is the best for you and your wallet.

Where Have Your Kids Been Online? Checking History Records in Firefox and Chrome Browsers

To find what websites their children have visited on the home computer, parents can easily check the browser history file. It’s a complete record of all the websites visited in the past month. Importantly, parents need to know to check all the browsers that may be installed on the PC, including “alternate” browsers such as the Firefox and Chrome programs. This article shows how to do just that in these non-Internet-Explorer browsers.

Computer Skins For Laptops – 3 Main Reasons Why You Should Use Them

Unless you live under a rock, you probably already know of a recent phenomenon that has been sweeping the world many times over not only in computer land, but in the land of electronic devices in general. What am I talking about? Well, I am talking about “Computer Skins For Laptops”.

Easy E-Mail Filtering With the Gmail System

Simple, easy-to-understand article about using Gmail’s built-in label and filter system. How to filter e-mail messages so they go directly to user-defined labels (or folders) in the Gmail inbox.

Easy Windows – Using the Start Menu and Pinned Programs

A simple, easy-to-understand article about using the Windows 7 Start menu. Explanation of the division of the menu into two columns and how programs are promoted and pinned to the menu. Easy instructions on how to pin popular programs to the top of the Start menu (and unpin them too).