Spider-Man NWH Has the Highest RT Live-Action Spider-Man Score ! + More! (Daily Nerd News)

#SpidermanNoWayHome has the highest RT live-action Spider-Man score! Are you excited for tomorrow!? PLUS #KeanuReeves wants to play #Constantine again, Chadwick Boseman’s brother believes #TChalla should be recast, #NicholasCage is playing Nicholas Cage, and @ckcomedy discusses #Hawkeye episode 5 (all spoilers for the episode are at the end of the video) / Edited by @iamnickfloyd

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A Look at Seven Amazing Technologies That Reformed History

Technology has changed and expanded drastically during the last five years. It pervaded into every possible niche be it business, education, real estate or any other. Smart-devices, no bigger than the palm of our hands, are standalone computer devices with which taking pictures, browsing internet, send emails and performing typical phone operations is a cinch.

Quick Fixes for Your PC and Laptop

Quick fixes for your PC and Laptop. Ways to save money on computer repair.

Choosing the Right Technology for Kids

There’s a whole wide range of electronic toys and devices available in the market, that are great portable devices to teach your little ones. But deciding what to buy is difficult at times.

Do We Give Thanks To Mobile Phones Or We Curb It Down?

Humans of today can live without relationships, but if their mobile phones get lost, they will scream the world down. See how our precious children along with teens and adults are getting stuck in this cell-web.

All About IoT

IoT is an upcoming technology which connects us with various physical devices in our surrounding over the internet. This makes it possible to control a lot more than digital data over the internet.

Blu-Ray: Past, Present or Extinct?

What happened to the popularity of Blu-ray? Are we witnessing the curse of too much new technology evolving too fast and too soon? Is Blu-ray extinct?

Security Problem and Solution of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

BYOD or Bring your own Device is one of the new policies of IT sector and other Corporate sectors also. According to this policy, any employee can use their personal devices for office purpose. Although this policy saves money of companies and also increase productivity but it also increases the possibility of security breach or important data theft. In this article, I have pointed out which security measures the employees and companies should take to protect their data and can use this policy successfully.

Common Computer Problems And How To Rectify Them

It has become almost impossible to live without computers. You need it to read, communicate, compile documents, and even make money online. While they are great devices to have, they tend to develop problems. Here are some of the most common computer problems:

Update Released For Android Wear Devices

The year 2015 has seen some of the greatest technological advancements ever and it looks as if nothing is going to stop or attempt to stop what the future holds for us. Whether we see flying cars, artificial intelligence robots like in I, Robot, or a completely automated bathroom that does everything for us (and I mean everything), for now we will just have to make do with what we have.

Are Laptop Cooling Pads Necessary?

WHY LAPTOP COOLING PADS ARE IMPORTANT – Laptop cooling pads come to the rescue in elongating your laptops life span and helping it deliver its top most performance without the hassle of overheating. Laptop cooling pads increase airflow to your laptop’s mechanism.