Success Mindset – How To Leave Your 9 To 5 Job And Start A Business in 2022

Business IT Support – The Top 5 Improvements That Mary Portas Would Make

I don’t know if you’ve seen Mary Portas’s most recent programme on Channel 4? If you run a business you should watch it. She’s a bit scary, but there’s lots of great business advice buried in there.

Slow Internet Connection Problems – How To Fix This Problem For Good

If you’re experiencing a slow Internet connection problem on your PC, there could be a number of potential issues that will be making the connection run slower. If you want to fix the problems you’re seeing, you should use the steps outlined on this page: The reason why your Internet connection could be running slower will be down to the likes of your system not being able to process the files your computer requires to run, as well as having some sort of problem with the settings of your PC. To fix this, you have to be able to…

Copy and Paste a HTML Link Into an Email Message

If you’re new to computers and you are browsing the Internet and find something you want to share with your friends, you will need to copy and paste the HTML link into an e-mail to send. This way your friend can click on the link and be taken to the same website to see what you have sent.

How To “Defrag” Windows 7 To Make It Run Faster

“Defrag” / “Defragmenting” your system is the process whereby you will use the inbuilt system defragmenter application to fix any of the problematic files / settings inside the Windows system. This method can actually boost the speed of your PC because of the way that “fragmented” files will continually lead your computer to run slower – making it vital you both know how this process works, and then how to perform it yourself. What Is Defragmentation & How Does It Work?

Basic iPad Information

The iPad is Apple’s first tablet computer. In 2010, Apple announced its latest one and this iPad information had been highly awaited by many tech lovers and enthusiasts. A good number of them left feeling happy and several others left feeling quite disappointed. Some iPad information states that Apple started making the iPad way back. Their history with the iPad starts from the Newton Messagepad 100 which was created way back in the year 1993. this operating system worked with the use of the ARM6 processor.

What You Need To Know About Tablet Computers

The tablet computer, contrary to some beliefs, is not altogether a new concept. In fact, it has been in existence for several decades now and has been designed to address specific business needs like note-taking and field work devices. However, the failure of its predecessors to gain the much needed support and acceptance of consumers stemmed from the fact that they are too heavy and holding them for extended periods can strain your hands.

Secret Micro Audio Recorder Looks Just Like A Regular USB Drive

You’ve seen the James Bond movies where he has those little audio recording devices right? Of course you have, we all have! With a little device like this Micro Audio Recorder, you can have a tiny voice recorder as well as a flash drive to store and transmit your documents wherever you need them.

Back Up Your Critical Laptop Data – Even If You Don’t Anticipate Any Issues

It’s important to backup your laptop data, especially notes, papers or important PowerPoint presentations. There are a multitude of issues that can occur to your laptop preventing you from accessing these critical files including hard drive failure, display issues or lack of battery power after ruining the power supply. You could save it to the cloud, use an external hard drive or flash drive to save copies of the most important files you can’t risk losing.

Gaming Laptops Take A Major Leap Forward With Sandy Bridge

Many gamers have been waiting for the arrival of Intel’s new 2nd generation i3, i5 and i7 processors, known as Sandy Bridge. But can these new chipsets give gaming laptops a major boost forward?

Buying Good Custom Gaming Notebooks

A lot of people will not believe it when someone says that custom gaming notebooks are really value for money. But in reality that is a fact. A lot of manufacturers today offer options to customize your notebook or personal computer in every possible aspect.