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Tablet Computers Vs Laptop Computers

The proliferation of tablet devices in the US market has contributed to a decline in the sale of net books, laptop and desktop PCs. According to analysts, most people who purchase slate devices are using them to replace their PCs and not to supplement them. So does this spell doom for laptop and PC makers?

6 Unique Aspects of Slate Computers Over Conventional Computers

Tablet computers have made a comeback in the tech scene with pomp, color and panache. Their sales levels came close to smartphones and nearly overshadowed netbooks and laptop PCs last year. More and more companies have taken notice of this growing trend and plan to introduce their own slate versions to the market soon. It seems that the future of tablet computers is bright despite the opinion of critics who claim that these gadgets offer no unique functions.

Types of Tablet Computers and Their Advantages

A slate PC is a slate-formed computer, also known as a tablet, that has a touch screen that is controlled by use of the fingers, digital pen or stylus. Data is directly keyed in on the touch screen display and the signal processed to output a recognizable response. They are in use for industrial and entertainment use due to a number of features. The different categories of slate PCs vary according to applications, sizes and unique features.

Why You Should Consider an All In One PC Touch Screen

The all in one PC touch screen is impressive, and unique within the computing world. This particular amazing product is getting increasingly popular to own as it is wonderful to use and provides you with the latest technology. Not only does this screen have the revolutionary touch screen, but some other extraordinary features also. This is simply the best computer product currently available and there is no doubting why.

Great Ways To Maximize Efficiency With a Mac

This article will go over some great ways to increase your speed and efficiency when it comes to using your Mac. It will focus on software to use, keystroke tricks and general set ups. The goal of this article will be to teach you, the reader, how to maximize your key stokes and get more tasks finished quickly.

How to Find a Hidden Camera Through a Hidden Camera Detector

Do you reckon a hidden camera detector as a good investment? As you embark on the answer to this question, no doubt you will be faced with an array of conflicting thoughts, some supporting it, while some going absolutely against the idea of having hidden camera detectors with you. Your dominating ignorant thoughts might lead you to believe that it’s an absolute waste of money, that there are none who will target you with a spy cam.

Become A Better RC Flyer With A Computer Based Radio Controlled Flight Simulator

For many years, professional military aviators have utilized cockpit and flight training simulators to hone their piloting skills in protected yet realistic combat situations. These simulators, usually small, tightly enclosed capsules are exact replicas of the military aircraft the pilots are trained to fly; F-16, F-15 and Stealth fighter for example.

Does It Matter What Kind of Keyboard I Get?

Nowadays, desktops are common sights in many homes while people are carrying laptops everywhere they go. So personal computers are not just for geeks anymore. However, even a geek would love to have his system improved and if you are planning to spend on some improvements to your system, you are going to need stylish computer accessories to go along with them.

Logitech Dual-Action USB Game Controller Review

The Logitech Dual-Action USB game controller provides a great bang for the buck. Cheap, portable, and customizable, this controller stands out from other wired PC controllers. It’s certainly not the most attractive device, but what it lacks in appearance, it gains in performance. Black or dark blue in color, this controller is shaped to almost ergonomic perfection for fitting in any gamer’s hands, and won’t fall out due to the nice rubber grips lining the outer sides of the controller. The layout of the controller uses the polished layout of the PlayStation 2-style controllers that almost every gamer has grown used to.

Two Essential iPad Apps for Remote Productivity

I consider my iPad to be the best productivity tool I have. Small and light enough to carry anywhere with an all-day battery life, it goes to meetings, on road trips, and on the train. Even though I leave my laptop at home I don’t miss it at all! These two iPad apps give me access to my laptop, my important documents, and everything I need to be productive anywhere I go.